Saturday, December 25, 2010

How can You ID Munnabhai MBBS ?

Thanks to Mumbai Mirror, the story of Munnabhai-Dr. Zuber Qureshi working as Housemen (Entry level Resident Doctor in any Hospital) by masqureding as Dr. Meraj Shaikh,in Bombay Hospital for 6 long years has brought to light one Lacuna in Professionals ID. I am working as Consultant Doctor in Mumbai. Nowhere- from my 1st MBBS to MD certificates, Maharashtra Medical Council Registration Certificate- my Photograph is present. Its absolutely easy to do Identity Theft and work as Doctor. In absence of such a ID, how can one identify the Doctor or Lawyer, Tax Consultant,Architect etc. Bombay Hospital had no means to find out dr. Zuber's credentials. On top that, when it is difficult to get Resident Doctors for non-recognized posts, Bombay Hospital has no incentive to find out. Even for Post Graduate Posts and Admission, there is no Mechanism to detect identity theft when Candidate is from out of State, small Medical College. There are Medical Colleges, whose names most people have not heard in India. As a matter of fact, in Chennai, there is Medical College,attached to Deemed University, whose Undergrad(MBBS) and Post Grad. Medical Degrees are recognized by AMA of USA( To my knowledge it must be unique distinction). I heard about it in USA when my Medical College friend told me about it as his children were studying there!!.
Bombay Hospital has promised to check the credentials of all the candidates in future. They can do for Candidates who are Registered with Maharashtra Medical Council as we all carry MMC issued ID Cards-issued after allegation in High Court of Bogus Voting in Council Poll.!! But if someone Registers under friend's name who has migrated abroad,then how this problem can be solved ?.

This problem is not unique to India. Its prevalent in US as well. Remember the film 'This Boy's Life' starring Leonardo,where Toby Wolff falsify his records to gain admission. At Job level there are agencies which do background checks for the Companies,still someone slips through. For Resident Posts,such elaborate and costly checks are not possible. Whats the 'Motive' for such identity theft? In case of Bombay Hospital i can venture to guess that Free accommodation and Food with decent salary must be the reason-as was for most out of town Doctors coming to Mumbai. Here Free accommodation in South Bombay is worth all the trouble.!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What PM and Congress are afraid of ?

In the Congress Plenary session,Sonia outlined road map to combat corruption and PM offered to face PAC as he has " Nothing to Hide". Yes we may be sure that PM and even Sonia is personally not corrupt. Corruption is difficult to control and no one in the world has achieved corruption free society. So offer of facing PAC for corruption will serve no purpose. If congress is clean-as it claims to be- than why not face JPC which will have Congressman as Head. Problem is JPC will probe all the aspects of 2G scam,especially role of Govt. and Parliament during allocation of spectrum.

What has bothered people tremendously is the fact that Telecom Minister Raja, Like Dushashan of Mahabharat fame, disrobed Draupadi( Indian nation) of 1.2lac Crore Rupees, in Darbar(Parliament). Like Bhisma,Drona, Dhutarastra, all kauravas and pandavas, Sonia,Manmohan,Pranabda,Congress,Sharad Pawar,NCP,BJP,Left,Laloo,Mulayam, saw and heard everything,PM even advised Dushashan not to do this dastardly act. But our Dushashan went ahead with disrobing Indian Nation and all these stalwarts watched,wringing their hands, chanting " Coalition Dharma". They ignored their basic Dharma of giving "Good Governance". Lord Krishna advised Arjun in Battlefield that he has to follow his "Dharma" and do his 'Karma', whatever the consequences. Congress-nay-all politicians and Parliamentarians did not follow their Dharma and failed us. If Sonia and PM could allow Raja to carry on corruption and look in other direction so that Govt. survives and power remains than how can you expect a Soldier to lay down his life for Nation or few miles of land at Border? he is expected to do so because that is his Dharma and Karma. If following Dharma results in Death so be it !

Democracy,Fundamental rights, all the laws have no meaning if there is no Good and Effective Governance. If one is forced to take job below living wages, he can hardly be expected to insist on Freedom of Expression or Right to Form Union. If there is good governance then people will ignore even violation of their fundamental rights for time being and allow growth to take place. If there is only corruption and bad governance than time is ripe for loss of faith in the Govt.& Democracy and result will be fascist violent end.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Last week i attended a wedding reception in North Gujrat. Now wedding reception is well planned event in most of the places. These days as most of the work is outsourced or handed over to Event Manager, Host need not worry about most of the preparations. Scenes from Film like "Monsoon Wedding" are passe. BBB would be more like it. In Gujrat, wedding receptions are usually held in open spaces called " Party Plots" and in most Towns,these are close to, rather adjoining one another so if one has to attend 3-4 wedding receptions,then there is no need to rush from one venue to another,find parking space( in Mumbai Valet parking has become 'Must' these days),stand in the queue to wish newly Wed and ensure that your presence is noted by the host- with "Blessings Only" this is first thing one has to do. But in Gujrat this hassle is absent. You can just walk across to another reception. If newly wed are still in Beauty Parlour, you need not fret and fume. Have dinner,walk across to next reception and have desert there. May be stroll in Dining area and decide where the spread is to ones liking and partake as per our personal choice.

One characteristic of Wedding in Gujrat is presence of a small Band and Singers. They sing Gujrati songs, Wedding songs suitable to the ritual taking place, Bollywood songs,Gazals-both Gujrati and Urdu. This practice is absent in receptions in south of Gujrat especially in Mumbai. We have our "Sangeet" on one evening but in reception there is no Band or Singing. Usually it is recorded Shehnai music. I have come across Instrumental music or Live Shehnai once in a while but dont remember singing part. Ofcourse Christian & Parsi weddings have the band and the dance. Here i am talking about Hindu wedding.

I think in Mumbai we must adopt this and have small band and couple of singers singing nice songs during wedding receptions. It has soothing effect and more people will seat in reception area enjoying music rather than rushing off to Dining area. These days more time is spent in Dining area then in reception area. With huge spread that we have it is but natural. It takes lot of time visiting 6-7 counters!! But good music and singing will make the mahol more interesting.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Is OCI/PIO Card is Like Green Card.?

Ordeal suffered by Dr. Sujith Pandit,a 70 yrs old professor Of Anesthesiology, University of Michigan,Ann Abbor, at kalkatta Airport in June 2009, when he arrived from US is described in blog spot here. He was a US Citizen with Valid OCI card. He had forgotten his old Passport in which Indian Visa was stamped.

His trouble stems from his belief ( Shared by other NRI US citizens) that OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) is Dual Citizenship. It is NOT. OCI/PIO card scheme idea is probably based on Green Card of US. Which gives you almost all the rights of US Citizen except Voting Rights and be elected representative. But there are few differences. Two major ones are:

Like US Green Card, OCI card cant be used as Visa to enter India. OCI/PIO card holder has to send his Passport to Indian Embassy which will either Stamp or apply sticker of Permanent Multi Entry Visa. If Passport is changed or renewed than New passport should be stamped or one has to carry Old passport which has Visa stamp/Sticker. Failure to do so means you do not have Valid Visa to enter India. ( It is more like coming to US after a year with only Green Card without Re Entry permit). Carrying OCI/PIO card will not give you entry.

Second difference is that OCI Card holder is not liable to pay Income Tax on his/her Income not earned in India.

Whenever one has to deal with India ,it is always better to read ALL FAQs. They provide more info than the main page.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

After Ayodhya Verdict

Its almost Two weeks since Ayodhya verdict by Allahabad High Court. The verdict has flummoxed Secularist- pseudo Secularist- in Media and Libertarians. For so often Hindus have received sermons and advice from them regarding solution to Ayodhya Conflict. Accepting Courts verdict was high in those suggestions. Now as Court has given the Verdict in favour of Hindus,its not acceptable to them.

I pity this group as it is not sure what is the meaning of Secularism in Indian Context.
* Is it Separation of State from Religion ?
But then Muslim Politics is all Religion. Even Indian Constitution is subservient to Islam-Koran and Hadith.( Mostly its interpretation by clerics). govt./parliament hasn't got guts to introduce any change in Muslim Personal Law, many of its provisions and practices are unconstitutional and blatantly anti-women.

Is it all religions are equal as far as State policies are concerned?

But then Minority groups are favoured more often then Majority religion. Different yardsticks are applied for everything. Govt. can not touch money received by Church and Christian groups. Muslim trusts can use money for Muslim's benefit. Church and Muslim group use donation money to promote(read to Convert) their religion for this they can have Schools,hospitals and have other Social schemes for poor from all communities. But Hindu Temple Trusts money is Govts. Kitty and can be used to repair roads for President's visit or to have Airport for VIP's to land for Darshan. It's Non Secular nay Fundamentalist-Communal to use this donation money to promote Hinduism. One can use it to support Christian Schools ( as was done in A.P.) but school/Hospitals can not be built as it may be managed by Hindu Fundamentalist who will capture young minds and poison them in Hindu Libertarian views.

The acceptable meaning of Secularism is to Control Hindu temple trusts, institutions and Social organisations and stifle growth of Hinduism. To allow Christian and Muslim groups to carry out their activities and convert Hindus to their faith by means Fair or Foul.

I have problem with this. In world of today, Christians are 1.5 billions,Muslims 1.25 Billions and Hindus 0.92 Billions. Unfortunately as much as 0.9 Billions( 90 Millions) are in India. and remaining 2 Millions are spread across world where at most places there are no Temples, Hindu Institutions or organisation to spread Hinduism and Its thoughts. Here we-Indians- have special responsibility. We are duty bound to spread Hindu religious philosophy, thoughts and principles. It is one of the Worlds longest surviving Religion which is Liberal and allows one to seek God or whatever you want to call it, by whatever means one chooses. There are no compulsions here. there is NOTHING that you have to do to seek your God. No doing Namaz 5 times a day, Fasting for month, attend Friday prayer in the Mosque, going to Church every Sunday, attending Mass, this or that. It is this philosophy that we have inherited and which we are duty bound to spread across world. Muslim Kings and Clerics,Christian missionaries have tried to convince us that Hinduism is inferior religion-almost pagan- and salvation is by converting to Christianity or Islam. We must spread the message of seeking God at our terms because that is also a path to Loving,forgiving enlightening Father(Mother) in Heaven or space or wherever.

Monday, October 04, 2010

I want to buy a Split A.C. Now as far as Split ACs go, there is nothing to select. I mean you dont have to go to Showroom of Croma/Vijay Sales/Sony Mony to select an AC. They all look similar. We have to just know the Technical specifications, Energy star ratings, and most important, price.
Now going to Showroom is pain as there is traffic,parking headaches and they may not have sufficient brands or brand you want to buy. As such there are full page ads in all Newspapers, informing us different models and their prices.

So I phoned Croma. The sales person was polite. He informed me the price and star rating of carrier,LG,Samsung. They did not have Onida and Voltas brands ACs in stock. So i phoned Vijay Sasles in Infinity Mall. Receptionist informed me that they dont inform prices on phone. I told her that I have full page Ad of Vijay Sales informing Price of Lloyd AC as well as price of almost all white goods like TVs,Laptops etc. If they can mention price in Newspaper than why can't they give out price on phone? its difficult to go to Showroom in Infinity Mall as there is Security and parking hassal and it will cost me Rs 40 for parking. She was adamant and informed me that I have to come to showroom to know the price.

Compare this to policy of US stores. One can know everything about a product online. Amazon,Frys,etc have website where you can know price of each and every item on sale in the store.I felt that if Vijay Sales cant give out price on phone than probably they dont care to cater to their customers. It is better to buy from store and people who care for you.

Vijay sales lost a customer cause they have adopted a stupid policy and dont know how to put it across without offending their customer.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

when I saw front page News in Mumbai Mirror about " Ward boys doing Doctors work in a Hospital in Mumbai", I was more amused than surprised.Because thats an Age Old Practice in India. When I was medical Student in K.E.M. Hospital Mumbai, C.L.W. Suturing was done by wardboys in Casualty. to my knowledge practice is still continuing in all the hospitals. Most probably it started off during World Wars when such wounds were sutured in battlefields by Medical Staff.

C.L.W. is "Contused Lacerated Wound". One gets it when there is any accident,fall while playing,a brawl or any form of injury. One on Scalp are most common, they are difficult to detect as hairs hide them and easiest to suture. You have seen Stallone " Self Suturing" a CLW in Rambo I-First Blood. Next to 'taking out Bullet with Pocket/Kitchen knife', its most common method to show Masochism in movies.

In Casualty, once its established that there is no other serious underlying injury like Fracture or Bleeding, CLW suturing is done and person is sent home. CLW suturing is done to stop bleeding and wound heals in week's time with thin scar. If suturing is not done than wound may bleed and healing takes longer and may leave ugly scar. Suturing is very easy and is more like Sewing done at home. only difference is that one uses Sterilized,Surgical thread with Surgical (Trocar Pointed) straight or Curved needle. Suturing with Curved Needle requires training and skill. With straight needle- most common - it's very easy. Thats why No one wants to do it, and it ends up with Lowermost person who cant say NO. Thats wardboys in Casualty.

In surgery its most basic thing and every one starts off with it. If in casualty Intern is posted or better, if students doing Surgical posting are there then they are given this job as favour. Wardboys are asked to 'Assist' them( Nursing staff wont bother to assist such a simple operation!) with warning for CLW on Scalp that " Take Care and dont push the Bloody needle in the brain". with merriment all around as soon as Students back is turned. Procedure is done with all the surgical care and observing most of the surgical principles. hands are washed, Gloves are put on, Wound is properly cleaned, towels are used to isolate the wound and sterile Technique is used while suturing. In short everything is done as if this is a proper, major surgical procedure. only problem is that Suturing requires no great Skill, hence for busy,overworked Casualty officer, its a burden and irritant which he wants to pass off to someone.

As the procedure is simple and done by person not using skill, result is 'ugly scar". In the case of Head wound, hairs can hide the ugly scar but if its on face or other prominent visible place than scar looks hideous and may require plastic surgery in future. So any wound on face, arms, Legs are referred to Plastic Surgeon. In Public Hospital this means wasting 3-4 hrs as Plastic Surgeons are overworked and they take pretty long time to suture the scar. But they will hide it. In private Set up this is costly affair and may set you back by 10-15K + service charge! Only you will know where the scar ( proof) of abusive,violent husband is and can show him to end all future arguments and fights!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green Environment Friedly Homes in US

Last weekend . we went window shopping for Washing Machine. These days all Machine have Energy saving rating in the form of stars and more the stars more Environment friendly machine is. Of course when you read the reviews about performance then we realise that at times more stars have resulted in Lower performance. Sometimes -as in the case of washing Machine- it may lead to use of more harmful detergents to get better wash. It's like Drinking Alcohol will reduce your risk of getting Heart Attack, but increase damage to Liver!!.

In USA I am really surprised at this nitpicking. Look at their Homes! All over US the Floor plan is almost the same. You have 1) Living Room,Dining Hall( for Guests), Family room,Dining space for family, Kitchen and it is an Open Floor plan with no doors 2) Bed Rooms on the same floor or on higher floor. Usually total area is divided equally between the two.

In most part of the USA you need Heating for almost 7-8 months if not longer and Designing of the House doesnt provide for heating only some parts of the house. So at night though only one Bedroom is in use entire 4-5K sq.Ft. house is heated to comfortable level. Same goes for Cooling and Air-conditioning. Even the houses constructed in last few years, when we are aware of Global warming and other Environmental issues have same problem. Besides the heating is done by Gas and US is dependent on not so friendly countries for it's need.

Can something be done to reduce Energy usage to heat/ cool homes? I doubt it. Its 'QWERTY' keyboard problem. Homeowners will find it very difficult and exorbitantly costly to make a switch. Only solution is to popularize Room heaters. But what can be done for Open floor plan ? it will need Central Heating as it is too large for Room Heaters.

Our only hope is that Architectural Association insists on changes in Basic Floor Plan of the homes and make it more Environment friendly.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

After Death.

Last week I attended 'Chautha' of not so close relative. It was in one of the halls of ISKON.

I reached the hall. It had Solemn atmosphere. hall was full.many people were present to pay their last respect. One has to ensure that ones presence is noticed by close relatives of the departed person.2-3 Prabhujis were singing Bhajans. people gathered were talking among themselves. Such occasions are also meant to update latest social news and Gossips. i have nothing against that. Its process by which you try to bring close relatives out of grief of loosing their dear ones. life has to go on.

After some 1/2 an hour or so a senior Prabhuji came. Bhajan stopped. Now sr. Prabhuji started his discourse on life, death, How to lead life as ' human Being '. The highest form of life in this cycle of 84 lacs( or is it 84 Crores?) life forms that 'Atma' has to go through. How God has given us this most precious thing that we are born as human. and how we must utilise this life to reach God and acheive 'Moksha' i.e released from this cycle of Birth and Death. How chanting Gods Name continuously helps in this, and how indulging in materialistic lifestyle and partaking pleasures of this world will lead to rebirth as human or some lowly species.

you simply wonder. Yes i agree we should lead life in noble and pious manner. We should not harm others etc etc etc. But how do we know about God giving us this most precious highest form of life?. Who has died and has come back to this world to tell us what happens after death? or by doing this you will achieve Moksha and by doing that you will have to take rebirth road and start all over again?
Who Knows? May be its working in exactly opposite way. When you hear all that pravachan in Chautha, one realises that all this is Maya and Mithya. What is present and here is TRUTH. whats in future is just our imagination. and After Death. well its just plain.........( select your adjective).

I am really MAD at these courrier services.

Last week when I entered my home, there was a " we missed you" card from a well known,International courier service. They had a package for me. So i phoned the number and a lady answered:

Me: i have this we missed you card from you.
CS: Whats the number on the card?
me: 00000000
CS: whats the name of the delivery boy?
me: Sandeep.
CS: Ok, What time you will be available tomorrow.
Me: Before 9.30 or after 7pm.
Cs: No No No. He can come there after 11.
me: But i am not home at that time. Cant he come early? say 10.
CS: No he starts from here at 10 so can reach versova at 11 earliest.
Me: OK, ill wait for him.

with lots of effort I reschedule my day and postpone an operation to 12.30.

Next day at 11.30 he has not arrived. so I phone the CS office.
Cs: He is in Andheri. So he will be there anytime.

12 noon he has not come. i phone again. I am angry and start off with accusing tone.

CS: i will give you his phone. you talk to him. His phone # xxxxxx

I phone him.

sandeep has just reached Andheri !!. But he will come soon.

By this time I have calls from Hospital. they are waiting for me. i postpone the operation by 45 mts. and phone Sandeep again and ask him to call me when he reaches my home. I try to impress him and tell him that because he is late i have to postpone operation and i am late for my hospital work.
he promises to phone and i leave for operation.

Operation is over. its about 2.45 pm. no call from Sandeep. so I call him. So far my 5th call to C.service. He takes call when i have phoned some 6-7 times. he informs me that He will be there in 1/2 an hour. i ask him whether he will give the package to my family member who is present now in my house. He refuses, as Bank requires that he verify my ID before giving the package. i phone home and instruct them to call me when Sandeep comes.

At 4.30 pm I am leaving my Hospital. i see a courier guy walking in the society Bldg. i just call him.

are you Sandeep from xxx courier?

finally at 4.30 he has reached 7 Bunglows. i introduce myself and show my Driving License as ID. he is reluctant to give me the package. he has to give it at printed Address only.

somehow I convince him, may be he was tired as well. so he gave me the package.

its from HDFC Bank Mutual Fund. It has account Statement and letter informing me that an earlier undelivered Dividend Warrant has been dispatched by them.!!

So next week I will have to undergo same thing again.

here is Simple question.

Why cant the Courier company deliver mail/Packages between 7 am -10 am & 6Pm to 10 Pm. when most of the customers are at home.?

Will they not get delivery Boys willing to do these shifts?

Why cant they call on mobile and fix up time with receiver so that no one has to waste time waiting for delivery boy to arrive?

Why can't Banks- HDFC,ICICI,HSBC etc- insist that mails be delivered at time convenient to customer?

In a year how many days should we waste waiting for Cheque Books, Demat Delivery Instruction Books, Dividend and many sundry items.?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

India's Oscar Entry and Marathi Angst

Marathi film 'Harischandra chi Factory' produced by UTV was India's official entry for Oscar. It couldnt reach the final list. This week it was released in Mumbai and got rave reviews. I wanted to see this film in marathi. To my surprise Andheri west which had 72 shows of '3 idiots' in PVR,Fun Fame and Cinemax multiplexes, did not have a SINGLE show of this Oscar nominated film HCF!!. These multiplexes had shows from unheard of 6 am to midnight for '3 idiots' but couldnt accomodate a single show of HCF. Besides HCF print is available with English sub titles. Nearest screen for me is Sun City in Parla East. These Multiplexes enjoy tax waiver from Maharastra Govt. and had charged Rs. 350/- for 3 idiots ticket. This is in Mumbai, Capital of Maharastra!!.

A week when Rahul Gandhi and RSS/BJP and all News Chennel/papers have joined issue with Thackereys of Shiv Sena and MNS, one can understand the angst of Marathi Manoos and why Shiv Sena / MNS gets overwhelming support for their cause, if not for their methods.

What Maharastra is facing today was same high handedness from North Indian politician-primarily of Congress- faced by Tamil Nadu in Sixties,Andhra Pradesh in Eighties. That phase gave rise to DMK and its dominence in TN and Telgu desam in Andhra Pradesh. Maharastrians are marginalised in Centre and ruled over by high command in State. CM Chavan had to backtrack on Domicile and knowledge of Marathi for Taxi permits.

How this issue will move in future is difficult to say. Maharastrians are intelligent and proud people. Shivaji Maharaj fought with mighty Mugal Badshah of Delhi Aurangzeb and established Marathi Kingdom. Tilak,Gokhale and others initiated and were at forefront of our struggle for Independence against British. The Indian Constitution- by which Rahul says that Mumbai is for all Indians- was drafted by Marathi/Dalit Dr. Ambedkar. He is also Father Of Dalit movt. and concept of Social Justice in India. In 19th and 20 th Century Maharastra led in initiative in many Social and Cultural activities.

Today this Marathi asmita is ignored.unfortunatelly there are no marathi leader who can inspire and give maharastra it's rightful place in India. In this Development/Business economic milieu, marathi manoos has fallen back. His strong points are of no use to this trading economy. his cultural strong points are jokes for this yappy nation. It will have to wait for that leader.

( Disclaimer: I am Guju by birth but Marathi at Heart)

Friday, January 22, 2010

C-Section Controversy

Every Year all leading Newspapers raise concern about rising C- Section rate in India. For a good measure they compare rates in other parts of World. There is no doubt that C-sections are done more often now than some 50 yrs ago. usually high rate is considered as bad thing because it is believed-wrongly in my opinion- that more
c-sections are done by Doctors because they get more money. if that was the case than China should not have 43% rate as Chinese doctors are employee of the state.

Today WHO report has indicated that C-section rate in India is 18% but in Cities the rate is much higher-about 40%.Lancet in an article has pointed out that unnecessary C.S. has resulted in more admission in I.C.U and more Maternal deaths.Now it stands to reason that if more problems and even death can occur than no obstetrician would like to do unnecessary C.S. and get into trouble. i am working for last 40 yrs as Ob/Gyn. We have discussed this often among collegues and in saminars(In Newspapers as well) and frankly most of us would not like to do C.S. cause we get more money. Main driving force behind this increase is not Money but Reluctance to take Risk by both Parents and Doctors and Premium on the unborn child. For an Obstetrician in city/Metro, losing a Baby is Catastrophe. The whole aim is to see that Mother goes home with healthy baby. There is no reward for Normal Vaginal Delivery if Baby requires extensive NICU care or has Birth Injury. In 60s and 70s we used to deliver even Primi( 1st delivery) with Breech Vaginally but today we are scared to deliver Breech baby Vaginally because if Head is not delivered in less than 5 mts. baby would be dead or severely damaged. This is just not acceptable to parents and Doctors, and is bad for practice.

Assuming 18% overall rate for C.S. in India( WHO) and 40% in urban area its clear that rural area is very low. But it's Rural region which has highest Maternal and Neonatal Mortality. If Vaginal delivery is safe and is better choice than result also should be better. Maternal Mortality in urban areas is now primarily due to Hemorrhage from Atonic Uterus( Uterus which doesn't contract) Bleeding disorder caused by Pregnancy hypertension,or some severe Medical Condition. This can occur irrespective of mode of delivery.

It's in the case of well being of the Baby that overused. As has happened all over the world, Electronic Monitoring of Foetus( Baby) in 8-9 months in mothers who are elderly (Average age is now 30+),Hypertensive, pre Diabetic,or have Small for Dates babies( IUGR-babies weighing less than 1.5Kg at 9 monts) is routine. Most of the mothers undergo repeated Sonogram where weight of the baby(IUGR), Amount of Liquor around baby( AFI),placental Calcification,Doppler Studies to see Blood Flow to Baby is measured. NST is done. if any of these finding is abnormal than there is possibility of risk to the Unborn Child. So far we have not been able to
exactly predict the risk.Even with similar findings Sometimes at C.S., baby is delivered which is absolutely normal and at other baby requires NICU care. Now who should take decision in such cases? Both Doctors and Parents tend to err on safety and go for C.S. rather than attempt Vaginal Delivery. I have had cases when I have decided to wait for a day and have lost baby. In such cases its difficult to explain loss and one is libel to face legal Action and sometimes Violence from relatives. In case of Pregnancy achieved by I.V.F.( Test Tube Baby) Elective C.S. is done.

So the debate will go on. As long as we can not exactly asses risk to unborn Child,C.S. will be done at slightest hint of any risk to the baby. In face of Abnormal Sonogram or NST Report what would you decide? If you cant take risk of (may be) loosing the baby than dont expect Doctor to do so.

If you believe that C.S. is done because doctor gets more money than pay your Doctor same amount whether Delivery is by C.S. or Normal. Put your money where your....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sorry State of Indian Hockey.

Thank God!! At last the Revolt of Indian Hockey team is over. This brings to an end another shameful episode in our so called " National Game ". Indian Team consisting of the best players we have and who were demanding promised payment of Money for Podium finish,had to take the extreme step of Boycotting training for World cup,where India is the host. They were labeled as Money hungry. sports person by people who have nothing to show for as achievement. Hockey India washed off it's hand by saying that they dont have Money to pay. How much Money was being demanded? a measly Rs. 4.5 Lacs per player,totaling less than Rs 2 Crore. If administrators cant raise just 2 Crore,- an amount less than what is charged by item Girls in show business for Single appearance- then Mr. Matoo & co. should pack their bags and go home. This state of affairs has been brought about by former president mr. K P S Gill who treated players as bonded labour, at mercy of Hockey board. hockey is not Proffessional in this country. Most of the players have to take up job for livelyhood. Which parent would like to send their children to play such a game.? All over world,sportsperson take up and work hard because they love the game and thats their ticket to better life out of poverty and misery. In south America sports is seen as best way to riches. soccar,Baseball,Basketball is taken up as proffession. If one is not going to get any Money than why play that sport? In India as things stand today , Football has better chance to become No.2 game after Cricket because of the big Money and prestige involved. See how fast Football players of Goan club got out of Misbehavior charges ?

But what can we do ? How do we bring about some change in this set up and attitude?
you have any suggestion?