Saturday, December 25, 2010

How can You ID Munnabhai MBBS ?

Thanks to Mumbai Mirror, the story of Munnabhai-Dr. Zuber Qureshi working as Housemen (Entry level Resident Doctor in any Hospital) by masqureding as Dr. Meraj Shaikh,in Bombay Hospital for 6 long years has brought to light one Lacuna in Professionals ID. I am working as Consultant Doctor in Mumbai. Nowhere- from my 1st MBBS to MD certificates, Maharashtra Medical Council Registration Certificate- my Photograph is present. Its absolutely easy to do Identity Theft and work as Doctor. In absence of such a ID, how can one identify the Doctor or Lawyer, Tax Consultant,Architect etc. Bombay Hospital had no means to find out dr. Zuber's credentials. On top that, when it is difficult to get Resident Doctors for non-recognized posts, Bombay Hospital has no incentive to find out. Even for Post Graduate Posts and Admission, there is no Mechanism to detect identity theft when Candidate is from out of State, small Medical College. There are Medical Colleges, whose names most people have not heard in India. As a matter of fact, in Chennai, there is Medical College,attached to Deemed University, whose Undergrad(MBBS) and Post Grad. Medical Degrees are recognized by AMA of USA( To my knowledge it must be unique distinction). I heard about it in USA when my Medical College friend told me about it as his children were studying there!!.
Bombay Hospital has promised to check the credentials of all the candidates in future. They can do for Candidates who are Registered with Maharashtra Medical Council as we all carry MMC issued ID Cards-issued after allegation in High Court of Bogus Voting in Council Poll.!! But if someone Registers under friend's name who has migrated abroad,then how this problem can be solved ?.

This problem is not unique to India. Its prevalent in US as well. Remember the film 'This Boy's Life' starring Leonardo,where Toby Wolff falsify his records to gain admission. At Job level there are agencies which do background checks for the Companies,still someone slips through. For Resident Posts,such elaborate and costly checks are not possible. Whats the 'Motive' for such identity theft? In case of Bombay Hospital i can venture to guess that Free accommodation and Food with decent salary must be the reason-as was for most out of town Doctors coming to Mumbai. Here Free accommodation in South Bombay is worth all the trouble.!!

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