Thursday, March 25, 2010

After Death.

Last week I attended 'Chautha' of not so close relative. It was in one of the halls of ISKON.

I reached the hall. It had Solemn atmosphere. hall was full.many people were present to pay their last respect. One has to ensure that ones presence is noticed by close relatives of the departed person.2-3 Prabhujis were singing Bhajans. people gathered were talking among themselves. Such occasions are also meant to update latest social news and Gossips. i have nothing against that. Its process by which you try to bring close relatives out of grief of loosing their dear ones. life has to go on.

After some 1/2 an hour or so a senior Prabhuji came. Bhajan stopped. Now sr. Prabhuji started his discourse on life, death, How to lead life as ' human Being '. The highest form of life in this cycle of 84 lacs( or is it 84 Crores?) life forms that 'Atma' has to go through. How God has given us this most precious thing that we are born as human. and how we must utilise this life to reach God and acheive 'Moksha' i.e released from this cycle of Birth and Death. How chanting Gods Name continuously helps in this, and how indulging in materialistic lifestyle and partaking pleasures of this world will lead to rebirth as human or some lowly species.

you simply wonder. Yes i agree we should lead life in noble and pious manner. We should not harm others etc etc etc. But how do we know about God giving us this most precious highest form of life?. Who has died and has come back to this world to tell us what happens after death? or by doing this you will achieve Moksha and by doing that you will have to take rebirth road and start all over again?
Who Knows? May be its working in exactly opposite way. When you hear all that pravachan in Chautha, one realises that all this is Maya and Mithya. What is present and here is TRUTH. whats in future is just our imagination. and After Death. well its just plain.........( select your adjective).