Saturday, May 28, 2005

Small Businesses

Gaurav laments that libertarianism is upper middle class drawing room entity and feels that "Getting into Business" is made tough by the State.Not so,. If you ask your neighbourhood Chaiwala or Bhajiwala how many permissions he has to take to start business, answer would be NIL.They have Single Window Clearance called 'Hafta'.All the agencies whose permission is required has field staff which collects charges and gives oral permission there and then to carry on the business.Ofcourse Blessings of local Political Worker euphemism for Dada(Bhailog) is essential. Ofcourse I.Tax Dept. is out of the loop hence none of them ever pay income tax.Major problem for them is not permission from State but to raise the Capital. Banks don't lend them, and they depend on Chit Funds,Bhissi and such finance at high interest rate which cannot be repaid as their margins are low.Availability of Capital at low interest will make 'Getting into Business' lot easier.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Not so kool

Saw 'KKHH ' yesterday and did not fall out of my seat nor did I see people rolling in aisle, laughing. It took great effort to keep awake as it was late late night show in Fun Republic.Reading blogs would have been more entertaining.Its just ok comedy and after so many movies Tussar is still wooden and has no flair for comedy.Best thing for him is to spell his name as 'Ktussar' . What has happened to Anupam Kher? He seems to believe that he is putting up great comedy act.In fact he is just repeating himself and its not funny.He should take acting lessons from his wife Kiron. But the real beneficiary is Isha. From a 'Khallas' item number to four scene roles to leading lady of year's hit movie is great progress.Her Hindi with Marathi accent is great hit. I feel Hindi is not language for such double meaning dialogues. They need rustic,earthy language like Punjabi or Marathi. Kudos to Late Dada Kondke who was superb in delivering such dialogues.His play Vichha...was classic. He was pilloried by film critics and English language press when he poduced Hindi films starring him and Late Amjad Khan and used double meaning dialogues. Today same crowd is ga-ga over KKHH. Marathi films and plays -especially those with Tamasha format - are real fun to watchand they abound with double meaning dialogues. Since dialogues are based on currant socio-political scene it can be changed and impovised constantly. Well it's time to sign off as Shantabai has just entered the room and asked" Saab Kitna tem hai tumko? Mereku kapada nikalne ka ahe"

Monday, May 23, 2005

Taking the plunge

It was link during Tsunami disaster that opened Blogworld for me through Amit's posts.suddenly I was in a new world.Hours are spent reading posts.Different viewpoints, provoking and sometimes offering new insight to events happening around us. Mind you, operating word is reading the posts. I am proffessional in very different field-Medicine,and there very few bloggers belonging to my creed.We are not at ease with Computers.I know that many of my friends would love to post blogs but tech part unnerves us.It was Gaurav's post which induced me to take the plunge.May be I can post a Doctor's view.I am still trying to understand Tech part of the blogging.Thats why no detailed profile,no photo,nothing.It will take sometime to do it as there are so many Gems collected by Amit to read and he adds to it at astonishing speed.