Friday, October 15, 2010

Is OCI/PIO Card is Like Green Card.?

Ordeal suffered by Dr. Sujith Pandit,a 70 yrs old professor Of Anesthesiology, University of Michigan,Ann Abbor, at kalkatta Airport in June 2009, when he arrived from US is described in blog spot here. He was a US Citizen with Valid OCI card. He had forgotten his old Passport in which Indian Visa was stamped.

His trouble stems from his belief ( Shared by other NRI US citizens) that OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) is Dual Citizenship. It is NOT. OCI/PIO card scheme idea is probably based on Green Card of US. Which gives you almost all the rights of US Citizen except Voting Rights and be elected representative. But there are few differences. Two major ones are:

Like US Green Card, OCI card cant be used as Visa to enter India. OCI/PIO card holder has to send his Passport to Indian Embassy which will either Stamp or apply sticker of Permanent Multi Entry Visa. If Passport is changed or renewed than New passport should be stamped or one has to carry Old passport which has Visa stamp/Sticker. Failure to do so means you do not have Valid Visa to enter India. ( It is more like coming to US after a year with only Green Card without Re Entry permit). Carrying OCI/PIO card will not give you entry.

Second difference is that OCI Card holder is not liable to pay Income Tax on his/her Income not earned in India.

Whenever one has to deal with India ,it is always better to read ALL FAQs. They provide more info than the main page.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

After Ayodhya Verdict

Its almost Two weeks since Ayodhya verdict by Allahabad High Court. The verdict has flummoxed Secularist- pseudo Secularist- in Media and Libertarians. For so often Hindus have received sermons and advice from them regarding solution to Ayodhya Conflict. Accepting Courts verdict was high in those suggestions. Now as Court has given the Verdict in favour of Hindus,its not acceptable to them.

I pity this group as it is not sure what is the meaning of Secularism in Indian Context.
* Is it Separation of State from Religion ?
But then Muslim Politics is all Religion. Even Indian Constitution is subservient to Islam-Koran and Hadith.( Mostly its interpretation by clerics). govt./parliament hasn't got guts to introduce any change in Muslim Personal Law, many of its provisions and practices are unconstitutional and blatantly anti-women.

Is it all religions are equal as far as State policies are concerned?

But then Minority groups are favoured more often then Majority religion. Different yardsticks are applied for everything. Govt. can not touch money received by Church and Christian groups. Muslim trusts can use money for Muslim's benefit. Church and Muslim group use donation money to promote(read to Convert) their religion for this they can have Schools,hospitals and have other Social schemes for poor from all communities. But Hindu Temple Trusts money is Govts. Kitty and can be used to repair roads for President's visit or to have Airport for VIP's to land for Darshan. It's Non Secular nay Fundamentalist-Communal to use this donation money to promote Hinduism. One can use it to support Christian Schools ( as was done in A.P.) but school/Hospitals can not be built as it may be managed by Hindu Fundamentalist who will capture young minds and poison them in Hindu Libertarian views.

The acceptable meaning of Secularism is to Control Hindu temple trusts, institutions and Social organisations and stifle growth of Hinduism. To allow Christian and Muslim groups to carry out their activities and convert Hindus to their faith by means Fair or Foul.

I have problem with this. In world of today, Christians are 1.5 billions,Muslims 1.25 Billions and Hindus 0.92 Billions. Unfortunately as much as 0.9 Billions( 90 Millions) are in India. and remaining 2 Millions are spread across world where at most places there are no Temples, Hindu Institutions or organisation to spread Hinduism and Its thoughts. Here we-Indians- have special responsibility. We are duty bound to spread Hindu religious philosophy, thoughts and principles. It is one of the Worlds longest surviving Religion which is Liberal and allows one to seek God or whatever you want to call it, by whatever means one chooses. There are no compulsions here. there is NOTHING that you have to do to seek your God. No doing Namaz 5 times a day, Fasting for month, attend Friday prayer in the Mosque, going to Church every Sunday, attending Mass, this or that. It is this philosophy that we have inherited and which we are duty bound to spread across world. Muslim Kings and Clerics,Christian missionaries have tried to convince us that Hinduism is inferior religion-almost pagan- and salvation is by converting to Christianity or Islam. We must spread the message of seeking God at our terms because that is also a path to Loving,forgiving enlightening Father(Mother) in Heaven or space or wherever.

Monday, October 04, 2010

I want to buy a Split A.C. Now as far as Split ACs go, there is nothing to select. I mean you dont have to go to Showroom of Croma/Vijay Sales/Sony Mony to select an AC. They all look similar. We have to just know the Technical specifications, Energy star ratings, and most important, price.
Now going to Showroom is pain as there is traffic,parking headaches and they may not have sufficient brands or brand you want to buy. As such there are full page ads in all Newspapers, informing us different models and their prices.

So I phoned Croma. The sales person was polite. He informed me the price and star rating of carrier,LG,Samsung. They did not have Onida and Voltas brands ACs in stock. So i phoned Vijay Sasles in Infinity Mall. Receptionist informed me that they dont inform prices on phone. I told her that I have full page Ad of Vijay Sales informing Price of Lloyd AC as well as price of almost all white goods like TVs,Laptops etc. If they can mention price in Newspaper than why can't they give out price on phone? its difficult to go to Showroom in Infinity Mall as there is Security and parking hassal and it will cost me Rs 40 for parking. She was adamant and informed me that I have to come to showroom to know the price.

Compare this to policy of US stores. One can know everything about a product online. Amazon,Frys,etc have website where you can know price of each and every item on sale in the store.I felt that if Vijay Sales cant give out price on phone than probably they dont care to cater to their customers. It is better to buy from store and people who care for you.

Vijay sales lost a customer cause they have adopted a stupid policy and dont know how to put it across without offending their customer.