Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Home Again

After almost almost a month, I could manage to get my internet service.In February end my contract with BSES ended and my net closed down. To compound the matter, my apartment required repainting and it was not possible to work on desktop or even use laptop.I had applied for MTNL triband but they couldn't supply router as they were out of stock!! There was waiting period of 2 months.Even as I write this the Versova Tel Exchange has cleared workorders of 16 January and there are more than 1000 pending applications!!.
I have been unable to understand this. We are talking about increasing net connectivity for almost 3 years. Mr. Maran had announced his plans for Triband as soon as he became Minister at Centre.Is it difficult to manufacture Triband router in India?If they are easily available in all computer stores then why should it not be available with MTNL? Or is there something fishy here? Most of us would not like to wait indefinitely for net connection ,so we would buy it from the open market.Is there kickback to mandarins in Communication ministry or to Ministers party ? Do people in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo face same problem? what about US/UK?
Anyway after a month I can now log on to blogs and renew friendship's realized how much I missed reading blogs.It was like being cut off from your friends and didn't know what was happening in their lives.Like serials on TV one gets attached/addicted to Blogs and Bloggers.Has Gaurav got new Job? What Amit is doing after returning from Pakistan? Is he writing on England series? Is Vikrum in India? or has he returned to his home? Missed very interesting scientific essays of Sunil.Has Umas's indian writing or Sonia has added new colour ? So many things to read and ponder about.After a month I feel that I have returned home and it's time to relax and read interesting stuff.