Tuesday, October 16, 2007

E Pill-Emergency Contraceptive pill

I am really pissed off with the TV advertisement of Cipla's Emergency Contraceptive pill. Don't get me wrong. I have no cultural or moral objection to this advertisement. On the contrary I feel its very very effective advertisement, and there lies the problem. Since the airing of these films I have had patients who had used these pills and were pregnant. There are girls who are sexually active and want to use this pill as contraceptive method. Now this pill is meant to be 'Emergency' contraceptive and one should not have emergency every month or 3-4 times in a month. Inadequate knowledge, easy availability in Chemist shop without prescription and lack of supervision by medical personnel can result in complications. If one is Sexually active on regular basis then Regular,more effective Contraceptive methods under Medical supervision should be preferred.
First of all , it's Emergency contraceptive pill, so it should be used only in an Emergency.That means that if you suspect that contraceptive method used by you may not work( Condom broke or slipped off or semen entered the Vagina. or you missed to take the pill or safe period was calculated wrongly. In the case of Rape it should be routinely given.) It is not as effective in Preventing Pregnancy as regular contraceptive methods like Condoms, Birth Control Pills or IUCD-Copper T. Its no more effective than 70-80% ( There is no good Clinical data for this as well). It contains Hormone Estrogen and Progesterone and will alter Hormone Balance and period can be delayed. multiple use may make period irregular. Besides there are side effects like Nausea and Vomiting, Venous Thrombosis etc. Though these side effects are not usually serious.
Finally my pet grouse. E-Pill does not protect from Sexually Transmitted Diseases like Candida and other infections, Herpes and fatal HIV and Hepatitis B & C. This is more dangerous then Pregnancy! Most effective Emergency Contraceptive is to Carry good quality Condom in your purse and ask the Man to use it properly if he wants Sex. If he refuses then walk out for your own good.