Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sorry State of Indian Hockey.

Thank God!! At last the Revolt of Indian Hockey team is over. This brings to an end another shameful episode in our so called " National Game ". Indian Team consisting of the best players we have and who were demanding promised payment of Money for Podium finish,had to take the extreme step of Boycotting training for World cup,where India is the host. They were labeled as Money hungry. sports person by people who have nothing to show for as achievement. Hockey India washed off it's hand by saying that they dont have Money to pay. How much Money was being demanded? a measly Rs. 4.5 Lacs per player,totaling less than Rs 2 Crore. If administrators cant raise just 2 Crore,- an amount less than what is charged by item Girls in show business for Single appearance- then Mr. Matoo & co. should pack their bags and go home. This state of affairs has been brought about by former president mr. K P S Gill who treated players as bonded labour, at mercy of Hockey board. hockey is not Proffessional in this country. Most of the players have to take up job for livelyhood. Which parent would like to send their children to play such a game.? All over world,sportsperson take up and work hard because they love the game and thats their ticket to better life out of poverty and misery. In south America sports is seen as best way to riches. soccar,Baseball,Basketball is taken up as proffession. If one is not going to get any Money than why play that sport? In India as things stand today , Football has better chance to become No.2 game after Cricket because of the big Money and prestige involved. See how fast Football players of Goan club got out of Misbehavior charges ?

But what can we do ? How do we bring about some change in this set up and attitude?
you have any suggestion?

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