Monday, October 04, 2010

I want to buy a Split A.C. Now as far as Split ACs go, there is nothing to select. I mean you dont have to go to Showroom of Croma/Vijay Sales/Sony Mony to select an AC. They all look similar. We have to just know the Technical specifications, Energy star ratings, and most important, price.
Now going to Showroom is pain as there is traffic,parking headaches and they may not have sufficient brands or brand you want to buy. As such there are full page ads in all Newspapers, informing us different models and their prices.

So I phoned Croma. The sales person was polite. He informed me the price and star rating of carrier,LG,Samsung. They did not have Onida and Voltas brands ACs in stock. So i phoned Vijay Sasles in Infinity Mall. Receptionist informed me that they dont inform prices on phone. I told her that I have full page Ad of Vijay Sales informing Price of Lloyd AC as well as price of almost all white goods like TVs,Laptops etc. If they can mention price in Newspaper than why can't they give out price on phone? its difficult to go to Showroom in Infinity Mall as there is Security and parking hassal and it will cost me Rs 40 for parking. She was adamant and informed me that I have to come to showroom to know the price.

Compare this to policy of US stores. One can know everything about a product online. Amazon,Frys,etc have website where you can know price of each and every item on sale in the store.I felt that if Vijay Sales cant give out price on phone than probably they dont care to cater to their customers. It is better to buy from store and people who care for you.

Vijay sales lost a customer cause they have adopted a stupid policy and dont know how to put it across without offending their customer.

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