Sunday, October 13, 2013

Is Suicide a Criminal Act ?

  News item that Suraj  Pancholi was arrested and remanded to Police Custody under Section 306 for Abetting Jiah Suicide has once again focused need to look at this section of IPS. Is suicide a criminal act? Suicide is committed by a person who is either severely depressed or has psychological disorder. He or she required counselling and treatment. Prosecute someone for Abetting is foolish. What the Abettor is suppose to do? Agree to whatever the person wanted? To prevent suicide by Jilted Lover, should one continue the relationship or get married? Then whom should you arrest for abatement when Failed student dies? Teachers or Examiners?  This week court awarded sentence of  Jail for 3 years,to a married School principal for abatement of suicide committed by his lover. He told his lover that he had permission from his wife to marry her. When she was told that wife has not agreed to this ,she committed suicide. Did  he want her to die? we dont know that from the newspaper report. Did he have any  motive to encourage her to commit suicide ? This law definitely needs another look.--P.K.