Thursday, September 25, 2008

Went to see movie 'Wednesday' on Sunday Matinee show in PVR Juhu.
Surprise, Surprise !! In the crowd of some 150 people, Elderly and Senior Citizens outnumbered youth by 3:1. Quite a few Senior Citizens were being helped by their Children and Grand Children.

Car Thefts in Mumbai

News item that Mumbai Police have decided to take Car Thefts seriously will gladden Car Owners in Mumbai. Following illustrates the state affairs prevailing in Mumbai before Ahmadabad Blasts where cars stolen from Mumbai were used.

A friend's old Maruti 1000 was stolen from the bylanes of Santacruze-west last year. He went to nearest Police Station to register his complaint. They noted his Car Number.He was told to come after few days and to look for his car in Mumbai as it may be abondoned after using it for some illegal activities. May be his car was stolen for Joyride by college students. If he filed complaint then if found, he will have to recover it through court after due legal process.

After a week, when his car was not found, his complaint was registered. For 3-4 months nothing happened. Then one day he received a call from Police that his car was found abandoned in Parla-East. He was asked to identify his car.

When he saw his car, he was shocked !!. It was apperent that car was involved in a major accident and was damaged extensively. It must have been an accident where someone must have been injured and matter reported to Police. But Police had no info regarding the accident.

From this it is easy to understand why terrorist can strike wherever and whenever they choose. There is systemic failure at all level,primarily due to corruption. You can get Fake Birth Certificate of municipal Corporation, Ration card, by bribing concerned Inspector/Officer.There are agents who will do this for you. This can be used to make Car Driving Licence( One of the easiest thing to do in Mumbai),PAN card, Voters ID. Now how far away are you from getting Passport? If you have Immigration Officers dancing with Bar Girls in Lonavala, its easy to enter and leave India even when Look out notice is iisued. No wonder there are 25 Million illegal (!) Bangladeshis in India and according to IB they pose major threat to our Security. Is it surprising that we have highest number of Terrorist attacks after war torn Iraq ?.

When Cancer has spread so much and nation is in final stage,do you think we can save our country from Terrorists?---PK

Friday, September 19, 2008

Prepared to Fight Terror

Had gone for late night show in Versova Multiplex. Famous Music Composer/ Singer/Reality show Judge/Actor and now Star had also come to see movie. He was provided Security by Govt.. A Sub Inspector accompanied the star, like Mary's Lamb. Star was strolling in the Foyer, in deep conversation with friend. S.I. was following them, keeping a respectable distance.

Experts lament that we do not have sufficient number of Security personnel to tackle terrorist attacks. Our intelligence gathering is poor. After targeting Delhi, it is feared that now Mumbai will be the next target and we are using fully trained person to provide protection to a star. Govt. can ask and authorize Private Agencies to provide armed Bodygaurds to famous people. Hollywood stars have their own Security.

What about morale of the Sub Inspector? After taking training and with ambition to do exemplary work in Police force, he is posted to follow a star and provide protection !!. Is he enjoying his work or is bored and disillusionised?.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

VP Nominee Gov.Palin

It's R.N.C. time in US and after managing Storm Gustav successfuly, Party has turned its attention to RNC. They want to make it as Vibrant and successful as DNC to energize voters. Gov. Palin's speech was hard hitting and effective.Unlike Bush and Mccain, Palin can wow the crowd and can get standing ovation. she is one very effective speaker.

All through the week Democrats attacked her for lack of experience. Their concern is that she is Heartbeat away from Presidency and she can not be effective President in case McCain kicks the Bucket during Presidency.

Now this is mean and absurd. Agreed, at 70 McCain is older than any other Presidential Nominee.But that doesnt mean that he may die in next 4-8 yrs. India had Prime Ministers who were older than Senator McCain when they took office.

It's absurd to talk about Gov. Palin's inexpirience cause Democratic Nominee Senator Obama has no leadership experience at all. As Rudy Giuliani said in his speech, Obama's experience amounts to total 3 years as Junior Senator from Illinois. He doesnt have great record as Senator.( Forget all the spin after his nomination).

Gov. Palin is Pro life. She has a son with Downs Syndrome and she did not terminate the pregnancy deciding to have the child, who may require life long support from her. Her unmarried daughter is 5 months Pregnant and She has decided to keep the baby. If she is ready to face challenges for her beliefs and convictions then it shows her strength and determination. What more can one ask from Politicians.? Contrast this with what happened during Trust vote in Indian Parliament.--- PK