Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain's Victory in Euro 2008

Finally Spain won the title after 44 long years. From the group stage they played attacking,attractive football and their game in 2nd half against Russia in QF was one of the best game of the tournament. When two Giants meet in final, game is often scrappy and played in midfield with very few attacking moves, but yesterday's final was pulsating,attacking game and Spain was the better team.
The only goal scored by Torres indicated that it was Spain's day and luck was on their side. The goal came from nowhere. It was a simple forward pass( and not defence splitting as claimed) from Xavi which was pursued by Torres,Lahm had ball shielded from Torres,Lahm saw Goal keeper rushing forward and was sure that he will collect the ball so he slowed down a little to avoid crashing into GK. Lehman saw that Lahm has ball sheilded from Torres and was slow in sliding to collect the ball. Torres who did not reduce his speed overtook Lahm and was just a step ahead and chipped the ball over Lehman. Ball glided and slipped in the net almost like in slow motion. Even Spanish players did not realize that goal would materialize.
Hindi Commentary on ESPN was very irritating and two hours of this verbal diarrhoea will give headache to listener.Why Indian commentators feel that they have to constantly talk and describe everything is difficult to understand. They are fit for commentary on Radio. Thank God for Super Sport 3 channel which was broadcasting with English commentary.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Crime Scene investigation

One thing which is very clear in Arushi Murder case is that Indian Police force has lost Art of Solving Murder cases. In time gone by Mumbai Police had reputation of Scotland Yard of East, but handling of Murder weapon by Investigating Officer in Pramod Mahajan case shows that it has reached the nadir. It seems that Officers are less interested in solving crimes and more interested in giving info to News channels. News channels have super sleuths who are Armchair detective. No wonder accused confess to crimes cuase they cant bear more 3rd degree treatment and then retract the confession in court! Our conviction rate is so poor. I find it funny that after week or two CBI is brought in,as if they can do wonders when initial investigations are shoddy and sufficient evidence is not collected from crime scene on the first day. With the passage of time,trail goes cold and evidence is hard to come by. Worst is appointment of Commission headed by retired judge to investigate.They are most ill equipped to solve the crime.Judge cant do the work of good detective. Nanavati Comm. is still investigating after 5 yrs. When we see pro gramme like CSI/Forensic Detectives /seconds to disaster, we realize that use of modern methods of investigations will yield better results and rate of conviction will go up. But unfortunately our Police force is not trained nor there is special Homicide /CSI squads to investigate. Only Terrorist attacks are investigated properly and results are there to see.


Returning to India after a vacation in US,always brings same feeling i used to get on 1st day of school after summer vacation. I shudder at the thoughts of same routine to be followed for next 10 months, heat and congestion, noise and people all around-jostling,pushing,treading on your toes. Moment you touch down at Mumbai airport ordeal begins. After long,grueling, sleepless non stop flight,when one is awake for almost 30 hrs, one has to walk down a long corridor with heavy stroller bag, to Immigration.Luckily immigration check is fast but then one has to wait for luggage to arrive.It took 45 mts to get luggage and then to take it through customs screening is pain- lift 4-22kg.bags, put them on belt, retrieve them on other side and put them back on trolley, walk long distance to get out of terminal to meet people who have come to receive . To get to your car, walk with your heavy trolley over uneven road with potholes- balancing the bags, and if you get stuck in a pothole then need help to lift the trolley out. Car park is dimly lit and these days it is overcrowded and very difficult to take the car out to the exit. Honking all the while!In US one hardly ever hear honking. In all it took some 2 frustrating hrs from the time of landing to get out of the airport! But i have experienced the same situation for so many years. whats new.It is this "India shining"/"India on the March" thats the reason for frustration. This talk of making Mumbai like Shanghai increases your expectations. You know the Mumbai you left 2 months ago and in just 2 months things are not going to change but when one returns from abroad expectations are raised and one feels that our airport would be like Singapore/Hongkong airport and as user friendly. When you realize that nothing has changed, then frustration creeps in. It takes some 2-3 months to overcome this videshlag. Then i get used to it and switch off my car engine when i am caught up in gridlock at busy junction, increase volume of Red FM-Lage Raho.