Tuesday, July 15, 2008

News item in I.E.(here), that Railways will provide real time info to passengers-both on station as well as in trains-about the exact time of arrival is heartening news. This is very useful service provided by Railways and one should congratulate Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav for many such traveler friendly steps taken by him. This facility will be boon for passengers on train. It's common sight to see passengers with heavy luggage standing for long time in Passage of train ,not knowing when the train will reach the station. Families rushing through passage with Bags have woken up many passengers at night. Its really annoying to know that such basic services are grudgingly provided. Hopefully Railways will provide many more such services to make journey comfortable and enjoyable.--PK

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Made in China Doctors

News report(here) that there are more than 6000 Indian Students learning Medicine in China left me wondering about our Higher Education Policy. Though there is great mismatch between demand and available seats in all branches of higher education, Govt. stubbornly refuses to increase number of seats there. In Medicine this mismatch is much more pronounced. China,Russia and other countries have taken advantage of this situation. If only we can increase the seats and make them paying seats,so as to pay for the upkeep of Hospital set up in rural area,we can solve our problem of providing Medical facility in rural area. China & Russia with its language problem cant provide better education than Indian Medical college. Colleges in South India are charging hefty sums to students from US. Unfortunately Govt. gives permission only to trusts managed by Politicians of party in power in that state.Many state govts. have completely ignored setting up of Private colleges.Anybody with good track record of running degree college should be able to start college for higher education. In less than decade we will get rid of the shortfall in supply and everyone will be able to pursue and get degree in field of his choice.----PK

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Govt. Offices

Yesterday I went to UTI-ISL office in JVPD Mumbai to get PAN application form. Its in very small passage( where one can barely stand) in the rear portion of UTI building.Its not painted or plastered for very long time. There is no protection from rain, no roof over the open space in front of it.Long queue of people, to submit their application, struggle in vain to protect their original documents from rain. After that I went to UTI office located in front portion.Its nice big A.C. office but almost empty. UTI-ISL never thought of shifting their PAN card office to better premises. I had blogged about Marriage registrar's office in MHADA bldg. near Bandra Kurla complex here. Recently I heard that it has been shifted to premises that is worst than the earlier one. Cooperative courts in Contractor Bldg. at Bellard Estate-a Heritage bldg.owned by Shapoorji Pallonji- were in very sorry state.Fortunately it has been given new paint and new Men's Restroom, improving its air quality. Moment you enter a Bank's premises you know whether it branch of Nationalised Bank or Private Bank-not HSBC or Citibank- Indian organisation owned HDFC or ICICI Bank. RTO offices in Mumbai are in Tin shades with no provision for Publics or staff's comfort. Even if the office is good to start with, its never maintained properly. RTI act should be used to know how these Govt. offices are planned and maintained. Is it the poor mindset of our Babus? But then they are IAS officers and many secretaries have IIM's as their Alma mater.!! May be its part of our " Incredible India"