Thursday, September 06, 2007

Media coverage and frenzy of the fans seen for last 1 month during Court Judgement,arrest, their stay in jail and finally release on Bail and homecoming in the case of Sanju and Salman, makes me wonder what makes Film Stars such a celebrity. Their fans are from across the Class and Caste, Religion and Social Status, Industrialists & Politicians to Dons.Highly trained professionals to humble daily wage earner. Its not Bachchan or Khans, even chhota mota filmstars/TV actors,Anchors, item girls with 2 dances to their credit and even 'Kallumama ' has fan following. Anyone working as an actor in Film or TV becomes famous and has fan following. Sometimes it is short lived-from few months to few years- but for other Lambe Race ka Ghodas, it is lifelong. They even get elected defeating political leaders with years of experience in Politics. If Amitabh or Shahrukh were to stand in an election against even Soniaji and Rahulbaba, no one will predict the outcome. Unfortunately many of them are petty,megalomaniacs with inflated egos and self worth. Uneducated,ill mannered, uncouth and habitually they throw their weight around. In a Public functions they are given more importance as guest then performer or person in whose honor the function is being held.
I fail to understand why this particular community -Actors-are given such a high celebrity status. Directors,Music Directors,Writers,and all other professionally connected/Creative people don't find even mention in Media and are virtually unrecognized. Is it something to do with our inability to come to terms with and accept concept of 'Film',where you can see a person doing everyday things on screen?. Is that the reason for amazing success of 'You Tube' and hundreds of clips-many absolutely useless and bad- it receives daily. It is excellent subject for research.
Similar to this is our fascination about Aeroplanes and Flying. Most of us would look up to see a plane when we hear their Engine sound. Few years ago when 'Air Deccan' came out with Tickets in Rs. 500/- ,my car driver wanted to fly in plane. He wouldn't believe that flying in plane is one of the most boring experience. Pilots are held in very high esteem. I can understand about Fighter Pilots but Commercial Airlines Pilots receive so much help from technology that flying in most of the cases is made simple and safe. Compared to them Drivers of ST/BEST and Blue Line buses have real difficult task. Is it that after 100 yrs we have still not come to terms with and accept that we/Machine can fly.--PK.

Salman-Jekyll & Hyde

After a week long drama,which received widest Media coverage, Salman Khan got Bail in Chinkara Case and returned home from Jodhpur jail, a tumultuous welcome from 3 F's, family, friends and fans. His family and friends have suggested that Salman received this harsh(!) sentence from court as he is a Celebrity. His image as Spoiled Brat is because of undue coverage given to his drinking binges, Brawls in the party, Midnight calls to Vivek, Banging door of Ms. Rais home for hours, his alleged links with underworld etc,etc..... He is in fact suppose to be really nice person,helping friends with tips on acting and Body building, giving presents to friends, helping unit hands with money and he even gave money for treatment to Mr. Dhasal.He still resides in modest 2 BR flat -a floor below his parent's home. If this is true then his behavior is typical of Dual Personality and he needs psychiatric help from competent person. If people like Salman-forget everything else but he did go hunting with his co-artists and killed Chinkara knowingly. At that time he was filming for Rajashri film and his cherector in that film is very soft spoken,non violent one, who doesnt get angry or raises his voice ! If after pack up he changes to a person who picks up gun and kills Hiran-Chinkara,then it calls for probe in his personality and behavior. I am amazed by the frenzy of people( And Media as well) in Jodhpur and Mumbai, who wanted to have glimpse of their favorite star and idol. If for todays youth-this is not youth which is in TV studio- but one which takes part in College Elections, is present in large number in protests and venting anger on Professors and VC's. by breaking furniture- Salman and Sanjubaba are the idols then fate of "Rising India" of UPA will not be different than 'Shining India" of NDA...PK

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Reading news item about ms. Mallika Amar Shaikh's efforts for Financial help for her husband Fiery Dalit writer/poet Namdeo Dhasal brought back memories of 70's when Dalit Panther movement took off and had some relevance. But to my mind it brought memories of Mallika's autobiography, which I had read then. Mallika who is daughter of Leftist Shahir Amar Shaikh had vividly described her experience during her first pregnancy and particularly-her delivery in B.M.C. run Nair Hospital. She wrote about behavior of staff in labor room, where she was made to lie on dirty delivery table and at the height of unbearable labor pains, she was slapped, pinched on thighs and buttocks and taunted with most sexually explicit remarks.

Having worked in labor wards of Municipal hospitals, I know that each and every word was true-no exaggeration. Patients are left on Delivery table with no one around them, If she shouts in pain ,she is abused, shouted at and even slapped. Sometimes hours pass before resident doctor in charge ( busy with other emergencies) realizes that particular patient has not delivered and then she is re examined and future action carried out. Usually there is no feedback from the Nursing staff to Doctors regarding progress of a patient. What surprises me the most. Nursing staff,Ward boys and Ayahs come from the same 'class' as patients. Many of them stay in the same locality.Even then why there should be such an animosity and poor behavior and treatment with no compassion? In case of Medical needs they patronize the same BMC/Govt. hospitals. Doctors who usually belong to higher(Richer) class have better attitude and are more compassionate. People belonging to same class should treat them better, instead reverse is true. Is it because of the frustration of their lives and daily grind they face, force them to take it out on people who cant hit back?

I hope situation must have changed now but I doubt it. BMC/Govt. has no money, desire or expertise to run Maternity Homes or Hospitals. They would gladly hand them over to Pvt. parties in the garb of Charitable trusts, if they can navigate the deal through political minefield of BMC. If this cant be done than they are allowed to get dilapidated by willful neglect and then discontinued as in the case of Cooper Hospital or many Maternity homes,to be rebuilt and run by Pvt. Charitable trusts. Besides only those who cant afford services of Pvt. Nursing Homes or Hospital patronize BMC hospitals. These hospitals could provide one with best of treatment at almost no cost,provided Paramedical staff can give service with compassion and authorities have will and desire to infuse much needed funds and resources.---PK

Sunday, September 02, 2007

New IT Return

Finally last week I could manage to file my Income Tax return.Though everything was ready in April but new IT form had not come. Last week I had appointment with my Tax Cons. Gone are the days when one could sign the return,give all relevant challans and papers and let consultant file return at his convinience. Now everything is online and this year no enclosures,so you have to be present when he fills in details,computes your income,tax payable,tax paid and refund -if any -and take print out and then sign it.
TC checked everything on his computer screen,cross checked with me and then clicked 'print'. HP printer got into action and in minute or two print outs were in the tray. TC collected the bunch.
I asked him: "How many prints you need?"
"Three".t th
"But these are lot of papers"
" Yes,but this is one copy. From this year IT return has 30 pages. From last year's one page SARAL form now we have 30 pages Improoved,Taxpayer friendly return."
and he called in his peon and asked him to get 2 sets of Photostat copies.
From next year onwards when you apply for Loan, Visa to travel or even credit card, you will be asked to submit last 3 yrs. IT retuns with computation. You will have to submit almost 100 pages of IT return and sign each and every page. Dont be surprised if your application is rejected! Because it will be difficult to asses what is your income from this confusing return. What Fun!!---PK