Friday, August 03, 2007

A Game of Rummy

Friend called in the morning.
"What are your plans for the weekend?"
"Nothing in particular."
"OK. we are meeting on Saturday/Sunday for card session.One day at my place and next day at your place."
"Sure. Will you contact everyone?."
"see you on Saturday, 5 pm."

This is the usual conversation on Thursday for last many yrs. Majority of weekends are spent playing cards-Rummy. we are 11 people in the group so dealing 13 cards to everyone is a painful task. Game takes time and those who have packed indulge in small talk on Politics, Markets,Family matters etc. Stakes are low so there are no opportunities to win significant amount. We tried out other games. We played Bridge, Tin Patti with various variation, but nothing would be attractive after 2/3 sessions and we would go back to playing Rummy. Agreed Rummy doesn't need level of skill and intelligence of playing Bridge nor it requires aggressiveness,false bravado or financial strength and ability to take risk as in Tin Patti. Rummy is slow game and gives you time to socialise, converse and interact with other players. Ideal game for group of old friends. But more than this, it is the nature of the game which attracts people.
* You have cards where everything is ready. Suits(Sequences), Jokers, you have to just show your winning hand!
* You have good cards. 2-3 Jokers, chances for sequence but no true Sequence. one card and you can win! but... you don't get the card and you pay highest amount.
* You have 2-3 Jokers,a sequence but you are waiting for that one final connecting card( 4th card). Its not your day so you don't get that card,you loose.
* You have a sequence,1-2 Jokers, you are progressing slowly. Next pull and you can show and win. But.... you loose.
*You have one True sequence,1 Joker but your game progresses with each pull and .. you win!!
* You have 4-5 Jokers but rest of the cards have very poor connection. No way you are going to get that true sequence. You pay the highest amount. Its punishment game. You know you cant win but you have to play.
* Same scenario as above but luck favours you and you get the true sequence. You don't win but don't loose much.
* Some days your Luck has deserted you. You don't get good cards. You pack up more games than you play. Ones which you play goes nowhere and you steadily loose small amounts.

Yes. Attraction of Rummy lies in these similarities to our everyday life situations. when you look back you will find numerous occasions which resembles various scenario described above.As in life, LUCK plays major and important role in shaping your Progress and Destiny. Your education,intelligence,connections and every thing is second to the element of Luck.If you can play the game of Rummy with equanimity than you will be able to handle triumphs and disappointments in your everyday life.