Sunday, July 05, 2009

judgement on Sec.377

Delhi high Court's judgement has sent joy wave in Gay community. There is a feeling of 'War being Won". Though the judgement is good as it decriminalises consensual gay Sex, it can do nothing as far as Society's attitude towards Gay. Maybe after few decades it will be more acceptable. But basically Indian society(especially Hindu) is more tolerant than western societies. As a matter of fact Trans-sexual( Hijras) are believed to bring Good Luck and are must at Wedding and Birth of a Child. People fear them ( Why?). Hijra gangs are organised gangs and their leaders are wealthy and powerful.Some of them have got elected to Public Posts. But like everything Indian,we are OK if someone is Gay but if your child is gay or trans-sexual then all hell break loose. So the problem is with ones own family,friends,neighbors and relatives.
Gays are mocked,sometimes harassed but they are accepted. There are many Gays who are prominent and leaders in their fields and they are accepted by public. They may have problem with the people with whom they come in contact on daily basis. Can a known Homosexual person will be able to be become Minister? That will be the Litmus test for public acceptability.

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