Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It was amusing to watch Akshay Kumar's rant against Film Critics. He accused them-especially young just out of college critics who have not directed a film- of sabotaging success of his film 'Kambakth Isq'. As if Critic had given his film 4* then film would have been major super duper hit!!. I can understand his feelings and Business acumen.In this era of 50 Multiplexes having 10 shows a day, first weekend is not spoiled by adverse review then at least film would recover the cost. So he would wish that critics would give good review. But what about the audience? It costs about Rs. 1000 to watch movie in Multiplex. Why should our money wasted on stupid,vulgar film?.

He did not have same opinion when his 'Sing is King' and 'Namaste London' were reviewed by same critics.Many read reviews in Papers,Blogs and on TV channel and decide. All cant afford to waste 1000 Rs. every week. They have to pick and choose. Akshay should pay more attention to script and direction. His buffoonery is now grating on nerves. There is difference between Action film and comedy. Action films can work with stupid storyline but good action sequence. All these Hongkong chinese action movies have similar storyline but one can watch them.Comedies require good comic story,script and most important, timing. Akshay's films fall short on all the counts. he should pull up his act and stop blaming critics for flop films.

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