Friday, June 26, 2009

Pathetic Condition of Lokmany Tilak Terminus

Yesterday night i had gone to L.T.Terminus(Kurla) to see off a relative. All the thoughts of great improvement in Railways under Laluji were dashed. The terminus is in pathetic condition. Rlys. have expanded the terminus, so now it has 5 platforms,of which only 2 are in active use. since they did not complete the work in time, so approach road is paved with rocks. taxis and Riks take up most of the available parking so there is no parking place. If you want to drop passengers near entrance then you have to go round the Tilak Rd. station and come back for parking. porters have to carry luggage on their head as carts cant be used as there is no road.

Terminus is smelly,overcrowded place with Dogs moving around freely. You have to pinch to be sure that you are in Mumbai (future Shanghai). There is a Tea stall but it is next to Restroom ( Toilets) and stench from there is puky. We had gone for LTT-Luknow Holiday special. there was no announcement and indicator was just Welcoming all passengers. For Holiday special, the train arrived from Lucknow and in an hour or so left for Lucknow- a 24 hrs journey. You can imagine the cleanliness of compartments and toilets. Only consolation was that it was complete AC train.

Now onwards things would go from bad to worse. Didi is busy with WB politics and Lalgarh. her hands are full with this enormous task of dislodging well entrenched CPM govt. Rlys can wait.and Loksabha elections are after 5 yrs and manmohan cant ask her to perform. So there.--PK

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