Saturday, June 20, 2009

La affair " Shieney"

These days Newspapers are full of Actor Shiney Ahuja's rape case. He is accused of Raping his maid in his house. Most of us now know the entire incident through 'selective Leaks' from Police in media. His wife -being Loyal and Loving Indian wife- has mounted a very spirited defence in the Press conference. At present he is in Arther Road jail,sharing cell with (?) Abu Salem. yesterday Mahila Ayog got into the act and has demanded Fast Tract Court to try this case and CM has reportedly agreed to it.

Now normally i would accept that if someone is accused of Rape than it's more likely to be true. Very few women have stomach for the publicity associated with the case and subsequent trial. Movies which has depicted rape case trial ( Damini- starring Minaxi,Chintu,sunny Deol and Amrish ) have shown what accuser will face in court. So false allegations are rare ( but not imppossible). Also thats why few cases of Rape are reported and insignificant number of accused are convicted. Main difficulties are 1. Whether the Sex was Consensual or Rape ? 2. Victim chooses to drop the case due to Hostile witnesses, Adverse publicity and victimisation by family,friends and Society.So much so that many victims have dropped charges and preferred to get married to the Rapist!!.

But in the case of Shiney, i am not so sure. Why? Because Actors have this Divine Power conferred on them during their Acting Career. Their Fans simply love them and are willing to do anything for them. Absolutely Sane successful person would behave irrationally when he/she comes face to face with an actor. Last week my nephew who will be dentist in a year, got all excited when we passed a person in my hsg Society. I asked him who was the person ? He was incredulous ! " You don't know him? He is " so n so", Anchor in Roadies.( Motorcycle show on MTV). He is very famous in Pune. "Sab Ladkiyan Marti hai us par". Most of us who stay in Versova,lokhandwala,Andheri ,Juhu come across actors almost everywhere.We haave seen how people and we behave when we see them. Its much worse when person visiting Mumbai from outside sees them.

Newspapers and films like 'page 3' and 'Luck by ..' have depicted the 'sexcaped' of actors and stars. On reported flings of star, his wife would accuse Girls of 'Throwing at Him'( being available for sex). So having sex with female co-worker, junior artiste, aspirant of movie career and female fans is part of job profile or perk of Acting career of Male actor. BTW this is not Indian thing.Its true all over world. i remember a Vidio clip of Micheal Jackson tour to S.E.Asia where a Female fan was shouting 'HE TOUCHED ME!! HE TOUCHED ME' !!! A mere touch of a singing star was enough to make her day. WTF eh?.But thats the POWER ! Ambanis,wadias,Tatas and Mittals cant compete with these Khans and Kapoors. Even Bill and Buffet would take a back seat. They cant compete with Udyan Mukherjee and Sarin Bhan !!.

So it's perfectly logical that Maid might have chosen to work in Ahuja household and would have bragged about it to friends. She might have secret crush on him. She might have agreed to have sex with him and worst Shiney would have agreed to have sex as favour to his maid because this is part of his life persona or myth created by media which he has to uphold. Thats why he was not surprised when Police turned up at his place. It was not bravado as Police has alleged but It might not have crossed his mind that maid has cried 'Rape' and complained. Thats why he allegedly confessed that sex was consensual. Why did maid complain ? well its anybody's guess but even if it was consensual, most would have sense of Guilt & fear when they have sex out of wedlock. besides being first time it must have been painful and not a pleasant experience which must have left her bleeding and with pain in and Abdomen. that might have scared her.

Or Shiney had really raped her.

Lets hope that truth will come out in court as hoped by Mrs.Anupam.

But first we have to learn and understand that Actors are human like us with no special power.They are not super Human Beings. they are like us with Acting as Proffession. There should be limit to adulation. we have to be rational in our reaction to them and their life.---PK

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