Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ashok Jadeja,Self proclaimed Goddess was arrested by Gujrat police. he has allegedly promised his followers that he would double or triple the money deposited with him. Initially he paid the amount as promised,But knew that sucker would again invest the entire amount and Jadeja was not going to loose anything. Now his followers are agitating in front of his Ashram(!). Police has arrested his relatives and an aunt ,who is supposed to be Brain behind this scheme.

A T.V. channel has reported similar event in Delhi. Every year hundreds of people from all strata of Society fall prey to such con.(Nigerian, Rhodesian inheritance is other common con). Though such cases take place regularly and get widespread publicity in media,still there are enough fools in this land to make these Natwarlals rich. We have a proverb in Guju " Lobhiya hoy tyan Dhootara buhkya na rahe"( Where greedy people live, Con men will never starve).

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