Thursday, February 05, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I was not surprised by the Box Office failure of S.M. Fox released it with 300 prints( more prints in Hindi dubbed version.) Its a Multiplex movie and more effective in original English version. This once again proves that dubbed versions normally dont do well. Besides its storyline was neither new nor interesting for Bollywood viewer, though its a novelty for foreign viewer. Traditionally movies on slums of Mumbai have not done well in India. Usually they were from Parallel low Budget cinema and had tough time finding a distributor. SM was no exception. True to life movies on Mumbai slums or realities of life in Mumbai doesnt attract upcountry audience and Mumbaikar refuses to pay for what he sees everyday free. All the incidents in SM are part of everyday life for us in Mumbai and doesnt merit even a second glance.

I liked SM for its storyline and format. Life-rather underbelly- in Mumbai was depicted as life expiriences Jamal had. Storyline is taut and is based on true incidents in Vakola-Dharavi slums-playing Cricket on Mumbai airport Airstrip was routine affair. It reminded me of Classic Tom Hank movie "Forrest Gump". FG depicted life and times in US between 1950 and 1990. For my generation it was like that period passing by and we, together with Forrest watching from the sideline. My children(born in 80s) couldnt understand why its a classic movie. This format is very effective as Docudrama, provided the storyline is good.SM has this advantage. Its going to be Oscar deluge for SM. But Rehmans music score in SM does not merit award. He has given much better music in Indian movies-especially in 90s.--PK

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