Thursday, February 05, 2009

Indias Neighbour---USA

In a very interesting article in TOI, M J Akbar points out that India's closest neighbor is not from the SAARC countries and definitely not Pakistan. Its U.S. of A. How true !!.Though we are on other side of the Globe, we know more about USA than about any of our neighbours. We know about American Politics, are avid followers of Presidential race, heard candidates debating,supported Obama since Jan 2007, Inaugaration watched on TV-though it was almost 1 am. American movies are regularly realeased simultaneously in India.Anjelina and Brad Pitts are household names here. Friends,Baywatch,Sienfeld, Jay Leno and so many TV programmes are watched daily by thousands.They must be having good TRP as can be judged by number of commercials shown during their telecast. Most urban and many rural homes must be having some relative in Amerika. Our shops are full of US brands -made in S E Asia,China. Today our children have moved to US -either for studies or Job- so we keep watch on recession & job loss in US and stimulus package. Slowly Politically and ideologically we are moving closer to US.

Compare to this, we hardly know anything about Pakistan. I get many Pakistani TV chennels,but hardly watch any.Dont know Names of Pakistani Film/TV stars.Singers are known in India as they regularly sing for Bollywood movies and their songs are routinely lifted. Except for the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan,other politicians are not well known in India. Cricketers and Hocky Players are known as Pakistan is our bitter rival in these games. Pakistani authors, Bloggers,Books,Magazines are not known. I remember meeting Pakistani couple in Sylvan Park,Mountain View. We were visiting our respective sons. Unfortunatelly we could hardly converse as we had no common topics. We talked about old Hindi movies and Music. To imagine that just 60 yrs ago we were one country , one family,having common past,culture, life style,Language, sharing everything! Today we are neighbours but almost half a World apart.---PK

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