Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Medical Facility in West-Is it really great?

Last Saturday, my son got injured while Skiing. He had injured his Knee.He was given Primary treatment at the Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe. On Monday on his return to Bay Area, he consulted Orthopedist, who examined him and told him Dos and Donts and asked him to wait for 2-3 days for MRI Scan appointment and take his appointment next week with MRI report. Then he will decide on line of treatment and Surgery-Arthroscopy- will be scheduled after obtaining consent from TPA/HMO. So its wait for about 3 weeks before any treatment can be started. If he were to be in Mumbai, his MRI scan with report would be available by Sunday or Monday evening and Surgery if needed could have been done by Wed/Thursday. Why there is so much delay in initiating definate treatment in USA?. When one is paying so much for treatment and when Medical Insurance Premiums are so high, why there should so much delay? Besides it is so costly so no one can afford to pay it without Medical Insurance. There HMO/TPA decide everything and would like to pay the least amount. Prescription drugs are costly and may not be part of your insurance cover. So one is denied effective medicine and given cheap medicine,which is less effective. At the base of this problem is very high cost of Medical treatment. We in India are slowly moving in that direction. With all these Corporate, state of the Art hospitals, treatment will be world class, but at a cost which only few and those covered by Mediclaim can afford. There is Trickle down effect and Private small Hospitals and Nursing Homes increase their charges. After few years Insurance companies already running in loss on Mediclaim Insurance will start cutting cost and will start Deductions and co-payments. Then we will be in the same situation as USA.-PK

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