Thursday, June 23, 2005

Reliance Saga

At last brothers have patched up.Kokilaben had last word-command-and the biggest private Industrial house has split. Everyone heaved sigh of relief, shackled as it were by Reliance for last 7 months, promptly jumped to record high of 7K. In time to come both divisions will progress and will be mini Empires.
The great Visionary-Late Dhirubhai-did not foresee the split.He who had created this Mega Company through web of holding and investment companies, did not plan for its division between two brothers.During his lifetime he must have seen and even intervened, when family businesses were divided among siblings.Most of the businesses controlled by Gujratis were managed by family members and elder siblings who join business before younger ones, would take over major or more profitable share, forcing younger brothers to be either subservient to them or move out.Dhirubhai did not write his will.
I am really surprised at this reluctance on the part of Indians to write their 'Will' or even discuss anything about death.Spiritually we Hindus believe that 'Atma' is Amar and on Death, we are changing the Body-as changing clothes everyday. But try discussing Death and there is hushed silence will be told that it should not be discussed,who knows if times are bad then it might turn out to be true!!.In the west they select where they would like to get buried,funeral service, choose casket-even pay for it,what type of stone nad even the epitaph! Try getting help online for writing your own will.No Indian Law Firm advertises online service to write' Will'. 'Living Will' is a concept to be practiced in USA.Here we wont talk about it.I know cases where relative-who has no chance of recovering- is kept alive by Ventilator,Tube Feeding, Dialysis, with mounting Hospital Bills( In one case it was more than cost of 1BR Flat in Mumbai) and no one to take decision.In absence of 'Will' other members of the family have usurped the money and business leaving nothing for wife and children.A well thought out 'Will' would avoid bitter fights and divisions in family,would take care of spouse and weaker siblings.
Fellow bloggers ,if you have not written your'WILL' ,do so now.A small paragraph will make all the difference in the life of your loved ones.-PK

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