Monday, June 06, 2005

Jinnah and Two Nation Theory

I fail to appreciate whats the hue and cry about Mr.Advani's remark regarding Mr. Jinnah. Jinnah's views are well known for years.He was Secular Liberal like most of the political leaders of his time.For them religious belief was personal matter and State was Secular, making no distinction on the basis of faith of the person.Two Nation Theory was based on Politics and not on religion.After the Elections of 1936, Jinnah understood that in Democratic set up Hindus with their numerical majority would dominate Muslims politically. He had example of Britain ,which had Two party system.Jinnah envisaged Two Secular nations-India with Hindu majority and Pakistan with Muslim majority where Muslims can have political cultural power.Like Turkey or modernday Malaysia.
Today we know how wrong he was. Imagine if we had 'Akhand Bharat'of RSS dream.We would have Muslim population of India,Pakistan and Bangladesh.Hindus would have only marginal majority.With our constitution and First past the Post elections, Hindus divided on the basis of Caste--Dalit,Backward,suvarna, Secular- Communal. Minorities like Sikhs-Christians,Muslims would sweep the polls.Most of the states would have Muslim ministries.In Parliament more than 2/3 majority of Muslim members would give them power to change Constitution to declare India an Islamic State-biggest Islamic State on earth.What we would have done with Ayub and Yayha Khans,Haqs of Pakistan and Bangladesh army?Instead of having Democracy-defective may be-we would have had rotating democracy and Military dictatorships,Military coups,Exiled Prime Ministers,Cultural dictatorship,Al Quida and Laden would be hiding in India !! Partition was Blessing in disguise.
Don't forget 'Whatever Happens,Happens for the Best'

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