Friday, June 03, 2005

At the Mercy Of the State

Last January I went to the Office of the Registrar of the marriages at MHADA in Bandra .I was appalled by the confusion,chaos and generally disorganized state of affairs there.The Registrar and his clerk sat in a room full of files staked high,covered with dust.Files were everywhere. Room must have been painted years ago. Would be Brides and Grooms were standing in uneven queue , decked up in wedding finery and ornaments for the most important event of their lives,sweating in that dusty gloomy room awaiting their turn. Two witness per couple,friends and few relatives had gathered in the small corridor outside.There were few chairs but most of them had to stand.There was jostling, little rushing to get to the chairs in front of Registrar's table.Checking of documents to establish identity and proof of Residence, signatures and couple was married.Was this solemn occasion?What about all those promises and vows to be together in thick and thin,in happiness and in sorrow till death do us apart ? Feeling was THANK GOD its finally over. This is how people who cant afford should get married?Pawars,Bhujbals,Deshmukhs and yadavs have marriages thats megaevent written about and discussed for days. Poor people who cant afford can't have decent marriage? MHADA bldg is big complex.Cant we have a decent, bright,AC room with chairs where a couple can get married in little organized way?.Is it too costly for the State to provide these facilities? Wont it be worthwhile project for a Charitable organization or Rotary club? This is something that can be done by us.May be we wont have to depend on State for these small mercies. But first, we must take time out from our discussion on President Bush's Iraq policy.

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