Sunday, June 26, 2005

Finally after a long delay, Rains are here. To get wet in rain is altogether different pleasure especially when its after a long and humid summer. If Mumbai can be associated with any season then its Rain.Otherwise it's difficult to differentiate a day from any other day.Only Mumbaikar can appreciate Forrest Gump's description of Rains during his stint in Vietnam,especially 'Big Fat Rain'. Rains in Mumbai has different 'Roops' at different time. In June and upto Mid July. He is all powerful local 'Dada'.Accompanied with his gang of strong stormy Winds,lightening,Thunder he arrives and shows it's strength.Uprooting trees,Building collapse and flooding which completely disrupts Mumbais clockwork existence of Mumbai is punctuality of its suburban Trains( 1.59 and not 2.00 pm. Karjat fast).When trains are late or cancelled by rains Mumbaikar is at complete loss.All his well laid out plans and time table have been disrupted and his entire day and mood is spoilt.But he cant complain. For almost a month he was complaining that rains are late and was blaming almost everything for the delay.But nothing is more enjoyable than walking along Worli or Marine Drive sea face and watch huge waves crashing into the wall and spraying fine mist on you. In July August rain takes different roop.Now its steady drizzle puncuated with heavy showers. It has made adjustment with Mumbaikar, like fourth seater in suburban train. No more flooding, no late running of trains, and life slowly returning to normalcy.It's rains for 10-15 days followed by a week of sunshine and humid( but not hot) weather.Its time for that unique festival of 'Govinda' and thrill of watching human Pyramids trying to reach and break Dahi Handi. In September,the guest is preparing to leave.Occassional rains- rather drizzle, what is aptly called in Hindi-Boonda Bandi.You can leave your Umbrellas and Raincoats home.Take shelter under a tree and wont get wet.Mumbaikars life has almost returned to routine humdrum existence.Trains are running with absolute punctality and so is life of Mumbaikar.Discussion is on about Season's total rainfall-was it normal or less , reasons for this changing trend.Mumbaikar is sad that his dear guest is leaving and tells him " Pudhchya Varshi Laokar Ya".

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