Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Winds of Change

Today I went to Udipi restaurant in Andheri West for Cup of south Indian Filter Coffee. Person who took my order was Marathi manoos. Two waiters were North Indians-one was Bihari and other appeared to be from Haryana-Delhi. Surprise ! Nepali Boy was cleaning the Tables and other one was serving water( First thing you get as soon as you sit in Udipi Hotel).
Gone are the days when shetty boys came from Manglore and worked in Udipi Hotels of Mumbai at the bottom of the ladder-cleaning tables and serving Water-gradually moving up to finally own/manage a Restaurant. Kutchhi Shopkeepers who used to get people from their native place to work in the shops have now switched over to employing people from Bihar and Orissa. IT/BPO has definitely changed employment avenues in rural areas.

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