Friday, December 28, 2007

Winds of Change- Greetings

Till 3-4 years ago, during Diwali and New year I would receive 70-80 Greeting Cards from Friends, Colleagues, Diagnostic Centers and Pharma firms wishing me and my family, a year full of happiness, peace and Prosperity. This gesture would be reciprocated by me and month before Diwali I would go through the process of selecting Card-CRY, Helpage or cards from some other Charitable organizations.Then would come the matter to be printed on the card. As these cards served as surrogate advertisement, informing receiver about attachments to various hospitals, Consulting timing and New facilities being offered, lot of time was spent in drafting the subject matter. Then came printing of the cards and most difficult part-writing names of the recipient,signing the card and writing address on the envelope. It was practice session which proved very useful when there was wedding in the family. Posting was easy with advent of courier service.
This year I have received only 5 greeting Cards. 3 from the Pharma cos. and two from the relatives who always send Greetings on Post card-reminding me that Post Card still exists. But Inbox of my Cell Phone is full with 50 messages,some very simple and other elaborate, some are in Hindi. Inbox of my email has many messages and flash cards with sound and noise of the Crackers bursting.( Now I pay to receive and download!!).
With SMS and e mail, it has become very easy to select Greeting and send it. Selected email-flashcard can be sent- in seconds- to entire contact list which includes all friends and relatives who matter. As sending email and flash card is free, it can be sent to everyone by click of the mouse and receiver feels that I am still a close friend who remembers to send him greetings. SMSing Greeting is more personal and effective as recipient has to view it and then delete to make space for more SMSs. This has virtually finished the Greeting Card business except for Valentines Day cards.

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