Monday, December 31, 2007

Holy Wars--Religious Conversions

TOI in its Edit today(here) have asked Hindus to do introspection and try find out reason for converting from Hinduism. Then proceed glibly to provide the reason as " Social ostracism of Dalits and Tribal s". But does converting to Christianity or Islam remove social ostracism? It was true when Islam or Christians were the rulers and they protected converts from Hindu social discrimination. In society Converts belonging to ruling class were higher than "Native Hindoos".But in today's Constitutional Democracy conversion brings no benefit,rather it adds one more hurdle.For Hindus they are now Christian/Muslim Dalits or Tribals. Upper caste Hindus are not going to accept Dalits as equal just because they have converted to Christianity or Islam.Conversion is historically associated with defeat and conquest by other religious group and converts invite ire and hate of their birth community.Converted Dalits even loose the constitutional reservation in Jobs and Education. Thats the reason for increasing clamor for extending benefits to Converts.
The question we have to ask is 'why are they converting from Hinduism.?'It is not Caste or other Social evils like Dowry.Because Dalits are discriminated after conversion.In India Christian and Muslims are equally conscious of their Caste,and they share equally other social evils like Dowry and female foeticide. Women's Social status in Islam is worse than that of Dalits in Hindu society,but are Muslim women converting to other religion? Liberal Hindu religion should be able to get more converts from other religion which are more regimental,dogmatic and dictatorial.
Main reason for Hindus converting to other religion is not reasons advance glibly, but fact that there are no efforts to Propagate this Glorious Liberal Philosophical religion.If you want to Propagate Hindu religion than immedietally you are branded 'COMMUNAL'. Only religious organization which tries to do this work is 'Communal' VHP. Missionaries do lot of good work like establishing Schools, Colleges, Hospitals,Health Centers,Shelters for poor and underprivileged.But from where do they get the money to carry out these activities? From donations given to Churches. Hindu Temples(Churches) are flushed with money donated by Hindu devotees but these funds are managed by Govt. appointed committees as per guidelines issued by State Govt.of the day.They are not interested in propagating Hindu religion,running schools or Hospitals in tribal areas,or providing help to poor with the aim to attract/keep them to Hindu religion.Recently Shri Saibaba Sansthan spent 60Laks of the donation money on President's visit to Shirdi.Tirupati Devasthanam and Jagganath temple of Puri are not known for running School,Colleges,Hospitals or Health Centers/Shelters in nearby Naxal infested Tribal Belt of Andra Pradesh and Orissa.Sabrimalai Temple is under the control of Athist Communist Govt.Vaishno Devi temple Trust in Jammu has done nothing for thousands of Hindu refugees from Kashmir.
This great religion has now only 900Million followers-90% of them in India.If this trend continues and it will, then by next millennium fate of Hindu religion and Civilization will be same as that of other ancient religions-it will be on the brink of extinction-like Zorastrian(Parsis).--PK.

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