Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's pleasure to be in cool Bay Area after very hot and humid Mumbai.In the evening, went to the Public park in Mountain View. There were about 70 people enjoying the cool evening. Soccar was played in central area.There were elderly people taking their walk, young couples with Baby in the pram. Children cycling, toddlers on the slide and swings under the watchful eyes of Grand parents.It reminds you of your park in Mumbai/Delhi san the heat.
What surprised me the most was that most of the visitors were Asians-( South Asians (Desi) and East Asians-mainly chinese) and Maxicans. White Americans-may be couple of them jogging,but no African American. May be this walk in the park is legacy of British rule in India, which Indian middle class has adopted and transported to US.--PK

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