Sunday, April 29, 2007

Do We Own Our Icons ?

Shobha De in her column in today's Sunday Times (here) asserts that Public Icons are owned by Public. Our Bollywood first family of Bachchans owe their name,fame, wealth to Public adulation. Fans, Journalist have all the right to invade their home and take part,photograph the Ash-Abhi wedding. This is a dangerous assertion and makes mockery of Personal Privacy laws. If Amitabh doesn't extend invitation to Journos or his fans,is it ethical to insist on attending the function?
Shobha De is also an Icon. She is what she is today because Millions of readers -me included- read her column, Books for last 30 yrs or more. Does that give me right to attend her Daughters wedding or insist on taking wedding Photos. Should I insist on knowing their plans for quite(!) Honeymoon?
It's difficult for me to understand why Media-the so called important pillar of our great Democracy-insist on covering such events for days. What national or Social cause is served by knowing thee Menu of Dinner served in Ash -Abhi wedding or number of sweets served in Karishma Kapoor's wedding. There are so many other topics concerning people.Media's creative energy is better spent in highlighting social causes. People and even fans do not have right to know stupid mundane things about film stars life.

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