Friday, June 22, 2007

After the evening walk in Mountain View Park, We sat down on the bench next to barbecue . I realised that there was a Cell Phone lying in the corner.My first thought was that someone forgot to pick up phone after his sojourn in park. But years of staying in India had made me weary of picking up unattended items in Public places. It can be a IED-we are always warned. I hesitated. Best thing, do nothing and wait for some time.Owner will show up.But if it rings? Then should i answer the phone? How insecure our life is in modern times !! Waiting there, I thought about the owner of the phone. If he cant get this phone back he is going to have tough time.I remembered the amount of time & effort it took to put in all the contacts and other data from my old phone to new phone. Poor guy is in for lot of trouble. I hoped that he had not put in his favourite songs or photos in the phone.
After waiting for some 30 mts or so, I decided to take risk. This is US and not India. Probably less likely to put IED in cell phone. So I picked it up,it was Nokia phone.Unlocked the keys.Nothing happened and then Screen lighted up,From menu went to contacts. Few American names-so this doesn't belong to Desi or Asian. Next in the list-Dad,Home,Mom ,work- ah ! this is no IED. Now confidently I selected the Call log-received call-and called the first # in the list.After few rings a lady answered the phone.
Me: "Hello, whose number is this?"
: Dan, my Boy friend's. Hey... did you find the phone?
Me: " ya, I am in Public park in Mntn.View. Come over and collect it."
: " Dan, someone found your phone in park." to me" He will be ther in 10 minutes"
Me: "Sure, i am sitting opposite car park"
I disconnected the line.
In 10 mts Dan was there with his Dogs. Visibly relieved to find his phone. Thanked me for my effort.
But I wondered. Would I do the same thing in India?May be not---PK

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