Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Was it a H-Bomb or Firecracker?

These days a fierce debate is going on among Nuclear Scientists whether Pokharan II was success or dud. Dr.Santhnam,who was in charge of Pokhran II in 1998 has said that yield was just 25Kt and not 45 Kt as claimed. He believes that Thermo Nuclear Device( H Bomb) was dud. He has presented his case in Press Conference and has put it in Public domain. Trust us Indians to discuss such sensitive issue in public fora and on TV talk show. Damage this mess has done to our credibility as Nuclear weapon state and to our Security Vi's a Vi's Pakistan and China is enormous. Pakistan did a Test immediately after Pokhran II but has not discussed anything in Public and inscrutable China would claim great capabilities. Dr. Santhnam has claimed that he wanted to discuss the test result but kakodkar and Chindambaram never allowed it.
So Dr. Santhnam kept quite for 11 yrs, must have murmured his dissent here and there but never to get charged under Official Secrecy Act. Collected his Pension,Gratuity and now singing like a bird. He wants us to believe that he is Whistle Blower. Of course he did not do so while he was at helm. So what should we do with people like Dr. Santhnam. May be what he is saying today is Right and H-Bomb was dud but He is a Lier. He lied to P.M., N.S.A. Mishra, Indian Public. He put his interest above that of this Nation and to protect his interest he lied and maintained silence for 11 long years. he is highly educated Nuclear Scientist but he chose his self interest.If Jawan in Army were to choose his safety in face of enemy or Terrorist, he would be Court Martiled and severely punished and Dishonorably discharged from Army. This scientist is going to enjoy all the perks of his job even when he committed greater crime.
Do you really believe that Education brings out best in a person?---PK

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