Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American President

In a weeks time Mr.George W will be ex President of USA. This is last week of him being " Most Powerful Politician" in the world. His 8 yrs as US President has almost destroyed US Power, Prestige and Republican Party. But for Stand up comics this is a Great Loss, they could depend on President to provide material for their act almost every week.Like Churchill's quotes, President Bush's quotes will be remembered for decades.

But there is real scary thought. He is Son of Ex President of US. Had privileged life. Good Education. He was Governor of Texas and got " Elected" as President of USA. He campaigned and took part in debates for Nomination as Republican candidate. He debated with Al Gore and John Kerry on National Television and convinced his party and people to elect him as President. How come we never got whiff of his ignorance and incompetence in all these debates, speeches, acceptance speech etc? Can one hide his/her personality, shortfall so successfully and easily in this Television era ?. Today President Elect Obama is darling of the Press/Television and people. But is this real Obama? Are we going to see some other personality in White House ? Its like Movie. We believe that Actor is the person, he/ she is portraying in the film.

Is it that "Average American Voter" feels that President is like a person next door. When you watch " Jaywalkin" you feel that average American (Like any average person) is like President Bush. Limited knowledge, not bothered except for his immediete surroundings, has skewed World view. Unfortunatelly for World, person he elects as President has impact on the lives of Millions, all over the world.

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