Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain's Victory in Euro 2008

Finally Spain won the title after 44 long years. From the group stage they played attacking,attractive football and their game in 2nd half against Russia in QF was one of the best game of the tournament. When two Giants meet in final, game is often scrappy and played in midfield with very few attacking moves, but yesterday's final was pulsating,attacking game and Spain was the better team.
The only goal scored by Torres indicated that it was Spain's day and luck was on their side. The goal came from nowhere. It was a simple forward pass( and not defence splitting as claimed) from Xavi which was pursued by Torres,Lahm had ball shielded from Torres,Lahm saw Goal keeper rushing forward and was sure that he will collect the ball so he slowed down a little to avoid crashing into GK. Lehman saw that Lahm has ball sheilded from Torres and was slow in sliding to collect the ball. Torres who did not reduce his speed overtook Lahm and was just a step ahead and chipped the ball over Lehman. Ball glided and slipped in the net almost like in slow motion. Even Spanish players did not realize that goal would materialize.
Hindi Commentary on ESPN was very irritating and two hours of this verbal diarrhoea will give headache to listener.Why Indian commentators feel that they have to constantly talk and describe everything is difficult to understand. They are fit for commentary on Radio. Thank God for Super Sport 3 channel which was broadcasting with English commentary.

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