Friday, June 20, 2008

Crime Scene investigation

One thing which is very clear in Arushi Murder case is that Indian Police force has lost Art of Solving Murder cases. In time gone by Mumbai Police had reputation of Scotland Yard of East, but handling of Murder weapon by Investigating Officer in Pramod Mahajan case shows that it has reached the nadir. It seems that Officers are less interested in solving crimes and more interested in giving info to News channels. News channels have super sleuths who are Armchair detective. No wonder accused confess to crimes cuase they cant bear more 3rd degree treatment and then retract the confession in court! Our conviction rate is so poor. I find it funny that after week or two CBI is brought in,as if they can do wonders when initial investigations are shoddy and sufficient evidence is not collected from crime scene on the first day. With the passage of time,trail goes cold and evidence is hard to come by. Worst is appointment of Commission headed by retired judge to investigate.They are most ill equipped to solve the crime.Judge cant do the work of good detective. Nanavati Comm. is still investigating after 5 yrs. When we see pro gramme like CSI/Forensic Detectives /seconds to disaster, we realize that use of modern methods of investigations will yield better results and rate of conviction will go up. But unfortunately our Police force is not trained nor there is special Homicide /CSI squads to investigate. Only Terrorist attacks are investigated properly and results are there to see.

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