Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Party time in the Morning- F.M.Radio

For last two months or so, I am using FM radio as Wake up alarm. Since most of the FM stations have limited stock of songs and they play the same songs almost at the same time everyday, I change the FM station everyday. I keep the Radio on while I go about my morning chores-read Newspaper, my Cuppa of Tea or get ready for work. As Radio is playing in my bedroom, I recognize the song by tune. Most of the songs being played are remix version and one thing is common in all these songs, their rhythm. There is only one Rhythm-THIG..THIG…THIG.. THIG….. There is no variation, no change, nothing. For the entire period of about 2 hrs or so, one feels as if one is in Disco or pub. The different beats, sounds used in original song is completely lost. Sure these songs-remix version are good for party or in disco, but why should it dominate our music so completely? With these songs there is no difference in style and sound used by different music directors. There are songs with very special beats or sounds which has elevated them to classics. In these remix version they sound like any other mediocre composition. Its necessary for FM stations to play original version of the songs in their morning programme as well and not to relegate them in programme after 9 pm.

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