Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do Indians have management Gene?

if you go anywhere in India, you will notice large number of people milling around. There is sort of chaos and everything appears to be in state of mess. If it's some official work then you will not have idea where to go for what. There will be disorderly queues in front of windows and one can see people just joining in anywhere. Near the window there will be jostling and 3-4 people crowding around the window-even in Bank Teller window. One misses the orderliness of Europe or US. Education has nothing to do with this. Bhaidas and Mangeshkar halls are main venue for Cultural programmes for Gujratis and Maharastrian elite in Mumbai Suburb. But jostling one faces to get Vada and Tea at these places during Interval is horrible. No one would stand in line but crowd around the counter shouting their orders!! But blame is due mainly to Management of these places as they are not strict about this. So much so that even Subway and mcDonalds have complete chaos in Mumbai against orderly manner in which they operate in US. There is some problem with Indian Psyche-may be we dont have this Gene in our system,. Why do i say this ? When I travel from San Fransisco to Mumbai via Atlanta or JFK- at San San Francisco airport there is orderliness. At Atlanta/JFK Indians wont follow instructions, form a queue before boarding is announced. would try to board when their rows are not announced and they are requested to step aside near the Gate. At European Airport this is so pronounced that lone Indian Ground air hostess gets exasperated and finally free boarding is allowed after Business Class/ Women-Children boarding. In the isle of the plane there is complete chaos.

Today was Voting Day for Local municipal Election. E.C. is independent and has conducted free and fair voting. But Electoral Rolls prepared by them are so full of mistakes. My address is wrong for last 17 years with 4-5 enumeration done by visits to my Residence by Enumerator ( Who is atleast High School graduate). Today I have voted in election, i stay in A wing of my building. My name was in B wing list and address noted was C wing/Flat No.**. Now how can a high school grad can prepare a Roll this way is beyond me. Most likely he doesnt care. He is doing this job as stop gap work till he finds some other good permanent job.So one finds news item that Film maker Gulzar's name is missing!! he should have gone through that entire booklet, his Name would be there is some other building or apartment complex.

we are spending crores ( billions) on Unique I. D. (U.I.D) number. Scheme developed by Infosys Nilanakani. For my Residence proof, I have give Ration Card as proof. Recently when I submitted same as residence Proof for cell Phone, I was informed that Ration Card and Driving License are no longer accepted as Residence Proof.! You need Electricity/ Landline telephone or Bank pass book as proof!. How strong is my U.I.D. if its based on ration card as proof.

so it goes on. When it comes to Implementation and setting a system,Indians fall short. We lack something and we cant do it properly as is done by Germans,Japs,Brits and even Uncle Sam.---PK

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