Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Punishment to Maria Susiraj

Judgement and Punishment to accused in Neeraj Grover Murder case is out. Mathew is held Guilty of Culpable Homicide and Susiraj is held guilty of only Destroying Evidence. She was awarded Jail Term for 3 yrs and as she was in jail for more than 3 yrs , she walked out free. This has not gone down well with friends and relatives of Neeraj,They are upset about the fact that she walked out free. They held Candle Light March and are planning to demonstrate against judgement. A twitter war broke out between Suhail Seth and Pritish Nandy. Nandy rightly pointed out here that right way to protest is to demand that Govt. should appeal against the judgement. Once the Hon Court announces Judgement, only higher court can change it.

In India, Maria Susiraj, though present at the scene of crime and also probably helped in chopping and disposing off the body, could be Charged only with Homicide conspiracy or Abatement. There is no crime like Accessory to Murder ( With which she would be charged in USA). As Prosecution could not prove Conspiracy charge ( very difficult in this particular case) as this was Crime of Passion. She could be held Guilty only of Minor offence- Destroying Evidence. Though She was fully aware of Neeraj's murder when she went to Police with Missing Person complain, she could not be charged with any serious offence. In US she would have faced much stiffer punishment as Accessary to Murder is punished. in India like perjury, accessory can get off with lighter Punishment, which is Pity.

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