Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Are you afraid of taking Medicine?

Yesterday evening I was taking my daily Medicine- I have to take some 6 tablets in the morning and 7 tablets in the evening- my friend who was with me exclaimed ' so many tablets? you dont have to take dinner.' It's different story that my medicines have kept me going at 64 while my father and Grand father died in early 50s due to Heart Attack ( MI). That's why it surprises me that people are so reluctant to take life saving Medicines. They are alive and kicking,making money for their children's education, babysitting their grand children, do multiple trips to visit children and sightseeing exotic lands- all thanks to modern Allopathic Medicines developed in last 80 yrs. When my MIL-who is 84yrs old- started Medical Practice, 99% medicines that are in use today were not known to Doctors.

At the same time Diabetics would drink Neem juice everyday morning, lauki juice for heart, Desi Ghee, Isapgol,Faki for Constipation, all sorts of Churan for Gas (!). Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Medicines everyday for years, But wont take tablets for Lowering their Sugar or Cholesterol, Aspirin ( A wonder drug) to prevent Blood Clots and Heart Attack. They complain that Allopathic Medicines are Habit Forming(!),have side effects etc etc. Show me one thing on this Earth which doesnt have side effect.

Its only Modern Allopathic medicine which compares unfavourably against old remedies. No one would dream of going to London or Nairobi or Singapore by Ship. But Ship was favored mode of transport just 50 yrs ago. Who would like to fight war today with Bow and Arrow or with those Guns which are scattered around all our Ancient Forts ?

100 years ago we would apply Hing on abdomen for Pain or take Castor Oil for Constipation because our knowledge of working of Human Body was limited. As our knowledge increases, we develop medicines which can act at target site to give best result. From Belladonna leaves we have isolated and developed medicines for Abdominal Pain. These are further refined and more effective Medicines are developed by changing the Molecule chemically.This has increased effectiveness and reduced side effects! Today Insulin is more refined and effective, delivery system is so good that one can take exact dose of insulin injection. In future its possible to have implants which will detect Blood Sugar Levels and Deliver Insulin in exact necessary dose in Real time.

So its about time to discard all these inhibitions regarding taking Medicine everyday. Whatever is prescribed for you, take it for as long as you have to- which in many cases is for your life time. But thank your stars that with this, quality of your life has improved and you are going to play with your Great Great Grand children

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Anonymous said...

Very well said. As if allopathy is the cause for all evils, people swallow placebos and think they are ok!