Friday, September 19, 2008

Prepared to Fight Terror

Had gone for late night show in Versova Multiplex. Famous Music Composer/ Singer/Reality show Judge/Actor and now Star had also come to see movie. He was provided Security by Govt.. A Sub Inspector accompanied the star, like Mary's Lamb. Star was strolling in the Foyer, in deep conversation with friend. S.I. was following them, keeping a respectable distance.

Experts lament that we do not have sufficient number of Security personnel to tackle terrorist attacks. Our intelligence gathering is poor. After targeting Delhi, it is feared that now Mumbai will be the next target and we are using fully trained person to provide protection to a star. Govt. can ask and authorize Private Agencies to provide armed Bodygaurds to famous people. Hollywood stars have their own Security.

What about morale of the Sub Inspector? After taking training and with ambition to do exemplary work in Police force, he is posted to follow a star and provide protection !!. Is he enjoying his work or is bored and disillusionised?.

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