Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year Juhu Molestation

Reading Posts on Juhu Molestation here, and here .i wonder why Sexual Molestation in Public is treated so differently than other crimes. Saksi's suggestion for women to be safe in crowded public places is perceived as 'Blaming the Victim' for the sad, harrowing incident. But when you keep your car unlocked and someone steals your bag, or get mugged in deserted street at night in Crime infested area,or your chain is snatched/pocket is picked in suburban train, part of the blame will be yours. You cant blank it, you cant say that i will not take precaution to be safe, but perpetrator of the crime has to improve and change his mindset. If that were possible then there would be no crime in this world.There will be sexual offenders in any society. Molesting,Raping,taking women as sex slaves after defeating enemy is historical. Major wars are fought on such issues. If anyone thinks that this will be erased from the mind of the males and they will behave, than it's Utopian dream. Being drunk is more dangerous than being high on drug. Alcohol removes the moral and behavioral control that we have acquired by good upbringing. A drink too many makes you reckless and one takes more risks. Even when one is with friends, its better not to allow anyone to cross that limit.In spite of taking all these precautions, there will be cases of sexual offense, but that will be unfortunate.Time and better upbringing will reduce it but wont eliminate it altogether.---PK

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sakshi said...

Thankfully some got my point. :-)

Happy New Year.