Thursday, September 06, 2007

Salman-Jekyll & Hyde

After a week long drama,which received widest Media coverage, Salman Khan got Bail in Chinkara Case and returned home from Jodhpur jail, a tumultuous welcome from 3 F's, family, friends and fans. His family and friends have suggested that Salman received this harsh(!) sentence from court as he is a Celebrity. His image as Spoiled Brat is because of undue coverage given to his drinking binges, Brawls in the party, Midnight calls to Vivek, Banging door of Ms. Rais home for hours, his alleged links with underworld etc,etc..... He is in fact suppose to be really nice person,helping friends with tips on acting and Body building, giving presents to friends, helping unit hands with money and he even gave money for treatment to Mr. Dhasal.He still resides in modest 2 BR flat -a floor below his parent's home. If this is true then his behavior is typical of Dual Personality and he needs psychiatric help from competent person. If people like Salman-forget everything else but he did go hunting with his co-artists and killed Chinkara knowingly. At that time he was filming for Rajashri film and his cherector in that film is very soft spoken,non violent one, who doesnt get angry or raises his voice ! If after pack up he changes to a person who picks up gun and kills Hiran-Chinkara,then it calls for probe in his personality and behavior. I am amazed by the frenzy of people( And Media as well) in Jodhpur and Mumbai, who wanted to have glimpse of their favorite star and idol. If for todays youth-this is not youth which is in TV studio- but one which takes part in College Elections, is present in large number in protests and venting anger on Professors and VC's. by breaking furniture- Salman and Sanjubaba are the idols then fate of "Rising India" of UPA will not be different than 'Shining India" of NDA...PK

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