Sunday, February 25, 2007

Doctor's Dilemma

I know Mrs. Arora for last 25 yrs. Her youngest son was born in my Nursing Home. Since then she and her daughters have consulted me often for their Gynaec. Problems. I have attended her Daughters weddings. Her elder daughter delivered a baby boy 9 yrs ago. We had very good Patient-Doctor rapport.

Last year, I was in my consulting Room one evening and a young man rushed in. He was Mrs. Arora’s neighbor. Mr. Arora had severe Chest Pain with Sweating and apparently he had Heart Attack. He wanted me to visit and examine Mr. Arora. I explained to him that I am a Consultant Gynecologist and I don’t have Doctor’s bag, Injections etc. I would be of little help to Mr. Arora. At the most I can give Pain relieving injection. He should contact G.P. who can be of more help to Mr. Arora. I promised to contact G.P. of the area and ask one of them to visit Mr. Arora. Young men hurried off. I phoned Dr. A. and requested him to visit Mr. Arora urgently.

Dr. A. visited Mr. Arora, who had a Heart Attack. Already a Doctor was there. GP. gave him necessary injections, and even Oxygen from Portable Oxy. Cylinder he had in his bag. He called up Cardiac Ambulance and in 30 mts. Mr. Arora was in ICCU receiving treatment. He had massive Heart Attack and couldn’t make it. Mr. Arora died on 3rd. day. I attended the chautha.

After 2-3 months, Mrs. Arora met me in Shopping mall. She was little miffed and didn’t return the greetings. She told me that she felt very bad that I did not visit when Mr. Arora had Heart Attack. Had I visited him and given treatment,Mr. Arora would be alive today. I tried to explain to her that in these emergencies GP.s are better than consultants as we don’t have Injections and other tools necessary to tackle these emergencies. GPs deal with these on day to day basis and they exactly know what to do and how to transfer such cases to nearby Hospital. But no explanation was good enough for her. Till this day she holds me responsible for her husband’s death.

With rapid advance in Medical Science, it is very difficult to keep in touch with other branches of Medicine. As a matter of fact it is very difficult to keep abreast with new theories and treatment modalities in our specialized branch. It is a loosing battle. We don’t have sufficient time to read all the new treatments being offered today. I find it difficult to read completely ‘Year Book’ which gives synopsis of Papers published 3 yrs ago in various Journals!! If I have to appear for MBBS exam. for renewal of Registration-as suggested by our Heath Minister Dr. Ramdoss- I don’t think I can clear it at First attempt!! A frightening thought. But I am sure I will be in good

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