Wednesday, November 16, 2005


That excellent journo-blogger Sonia has informed her blog admirer that she is as pretty as his grandmother but meaner. Now I will accept the first part of this but meaner? naa.That brings me to a question? Can you profile a Blogger by reading his/her posts.? I am regular reader of her posts.I don't know whether she is Beautiful,pretty,Attractive, fair,tall or Short and Fat, unattractive or looking like my grandma.But her posts inform us about her concern for dispossessed,those who got raw deal from life but have chosen to fight back against heavy odds, a battle they may loose.A post on Book reading gave her views on rich and famous having a sham ball at a 7* dos.Her trip to Cambodia.........
I believe that's where blogging is different than writing a piece in Newspaper or weekly.There writer is bit impersonal. Write up is about an event or person in news.Sometimes the write up is different form of advertisement and nothing remotely nasty can be written in it. Novel or short story is all about characters of the story.Sometimes it is autobiographical or writer's past experiences may intrude but its not whole thing, otherwise all the characters of the story would be almost same.
Blogging is about your day to day life.What you feel about happenings around you.YOUR experience,views,take on daily events in YOUR life.Thats why eventhough sometimes the language,prose is not great but its imminently readable and interesting as its all about life through bloggers eyes and mind. Sometimes we have witnessed the same event but someone will blog about it with absolutely different and interesting viewpoint. This reveals bloggers traits which helps you to profile him.Most of the bloggers do write about their friends,workplace,events in their lives, their relatives,spouse.....At the end of the day after few months you develop a friendship with this blogger which he/she may not reciprocate.It takes you to their blogsite everyday to read what your blogfriend has to say about world around him.

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