Friday, September 16, 2005

Commercialism Of Education

Commercialism of education is one problem that perpetually bothers Indian mind. Our first reaction is 'Its bad and shouldn't be allowed.' But what is comercialisation of Education?. Providing higher education to students who couldn't get admission through regular channel-CET score- by charging high fee is considered bad. The student may have just few marks less than 'cut off ' marks and in many cases more marks than many SC/ST/OBC candidates.Besides if he is paying in lacs to get the education than he is basically more interested in subject than the student who has joined just because he /she has good score or is admitted through reserved categories. Should we unfairly assume that he will be a bad student and after graduating his first aim will be to recover the money spent on education and not provide service to people.This is absurd because students who take admission through regular channel don't charge less to the patients or take less salary as Engineers or B school graduates.There is hue and cry if Private Medical colleges-who have to have attached Hospital providing Free Medical treatment- charge 1.5-2 lacs as fees and wants to increase it but if Prof. Murli Manohar Joshi wants to reduce fees charged by IIM's from 3-4 lacs to 1 lac then there is great protests from likes of Narayan Moorthi.Its ok if IIMs-and other B schools- charge huge fees but bad if Pvt. Medical colleges charge the same fees for MBBS course.
This has resulted in funny situation.There are no new private Medical colleges started in India.-Except Minority institutions.On the contrary established Pvt. Medical colleges are threatening to close down and state wants to take over.Whereas all the neighboring countries have decided to tap this market and now one can do MBBS from Nepal,Sri Lanka,Mauritius,Seychelles,Ukraine,Russia,Uzbekistan and now even China. So we wont let Indians open a Pvt. Medical College in India but allow Indian student to pay 5-6 lacs Fees in foreign exchange and take dubious Medical education in above countries.This is abs. Novel way of preventing commercialisation of education in India.we need fresh, new thinking about higher education.May be its time to admit Paying NRI/Indian students to even state run colleges to make them financially viable and in case of state run Medical colleges to upgrade and maintain hospitals and provide better hospital care to patients.

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