Monday, May 23, 2005

Taking the plunge

It was link during Tsunami disaster that opened Blogworld for me through Amit's posts.suddenly I was in a new world.Hours are spent reading posts.Different viewpoints, provoking and sometimes offering new insight to events happening around us. Mind you, operating word is reading the posts. I am proffessional in very different field-Medicine,and there very few bloggers belonging to my creed.We are not at ease with Computers.I know that many of my friends would love to post blogs but tech part unnerves us.It was Gaurav's post which induced me to take the plunge.May be I can post a Doctor's view.I am still trying to understand Tech part of the blogging.Thats why no detailed profile,no photo,nothing.It will take sometime to do it as there are so many Gems collected by Amit to read and he adds to it at astonishing speed.