Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In Defence of IIPM

I am no way connected or interested in IIPM activities and strongly condemn the comments by IIPM sympathizers attacking Rashmi and issue of Legal(!) notice to Gaurav.It is their basic right to express their opinion on IIPM activities which can be refuted or ignored by IIPM.I would like to be Devil's advocate and join issue with Rashmi and Jammag.
1) The Full Page *Advertisement* of IIPM.:-Well since when are we suppose to take seriously what is stated or shown in advetisement? There are so many bloggers working in Advertising firms in various capacities.Do they believe anything they write in any advertisement? whatever is stated in full page advertisement of IIPM,you must take it with bucket of salt. It is no crime to make false claims in advrtisement.It's been done everyday,by everybody, in all advertisement.Give credit to IIPM that it has not resorted to inserting articles in major newspapers,extolling virtues of IIPM or placement of IIPM graduates with their inflated salaries.
2) Ranking of IIPM:- Is anyone bothered about these ranking except the institutes?whats the use of ranking when you can get admission on your score and merit ranking.May be first few in the Merit list can select, rest have to take whatever is offered to them.Besides these ranking are big joke and I simply throw the' India Today' issues on ranking of Medical,Engineering colleges and B-Schools in dustbin.Ranking depends on many variable factors and different agencies give different ranking depending on the weightage given to different criterias.( India Todays ranking of Best chief Ministers-Mr.Naidu & Mr.Krishna-lost elections).I am presuming that they have carried out the whole exercise with honesty and sincerity.Only fools will take admission on the basis of ranking given by Outlook-C,India Today etc.
3)Campuses of IIPM:- A building in Bandra-Kurla complex costs real money.If you dont get acres of public land at throw away lease rent from the Govt. then such a campus is great thing.BTW I have seen campus of many Engg. colleges which are converted coaching class/ school/ Tin sheds.This is in Mumbai.If they have A.C. classrooms with decent desks and P.A.system it is better than what we are used to.Even a decent Toilet is improvement on campuses of many reputed Engg. and Medical colleges. have you seen the campus of* Deemed University* in New Mumbai? Whats wrong with well organised small canteen?Atleast one IIPM campus did have swimming pool ! wow! English Architecture? How many know whats that? You want to do MBA or Architecture? If you are interested in taking admission please go there and check it out . If you dont like what you see don't take admission. If you are a lazy slob then who can help you?
4) Fees:- Now since when this high fee for MBA is an issue? I think we settled that almost 2 yrs ago and gave fitting reply to that Prof.M.M.Joshi who wanted to reduce fees of IIMs.We fought a pitched battle with him and his hidden saffron agenda, remember?We had decided to keep the fees high as students were assured fat salaries on graduation . Even banks were willing to offer loans to prospective students.Keeping that in mind IIPM has kept its fees high between 4.5- 8 lacs.IDBI bank is there to give loan.I am sure they have extension counters in IIPM campuses.But look at the brighter side.IIPM offers free Laptop and Free Europe tour.You have recovered atleast 1.5 lac.and don't have to spend on package tour to Europe!
5) Faculty:- Students were satisfied with their permanent teaching staff .What more you want? If professors from foreign Universities are not not taking lectures then only students have right to complain.
6)Placement:- Why should you believe what is advertised by IIPM? Placement will also depend on Business cycle.When economy is growing, more will get jobs.There were quite a few companies who visited IIPM campus for recruitment.30-40% were recruited from campus recruitment and other managed on their own and got the job with salaries upto 4.5 lacs.Not bad, na?
7) Degree: The MBA/BBA degree conferred by IIPM is not recognised by AICTE/UGC or any state universities.Does it matter? There are so many Degrees in different fields which are not recognised by Indian state.(Medical Degrees from CIS./Mauritius/Seychelles/) .Does that mean they don't know the subject?As long as IIPM graduates are useful to companies which can hire them to carry out their work its ok.
8) Mr.Arindam Chaudhury: Why should it bother us whether he is MBA or not?From which IIM?Anyone can call himself as management Guru.Why not? If he can set up and manage such an Empire than he is Guru.Whats in MBA degree.Is Mr.Jagmohan Dalmiya a Cricketer?But he has made BCCI wealthiest sport body in India.Mr.Chaudhury is better marketers than many IIM graduates.If students believe him and enroll for MBA in IIPM than they are doing it with their eyes wide open.Dont blame him for students' carelessness.Nobody is forcing students to join IIPM.Find out everything you want before joining.If you foolishly believe everything that's given in advertisement than you have noone but yourself to blame.
Above is my opinion based on whats written in article in JAMMAG.I personally have no knowledge and don't waste time reading IIPM advertisement.


PhEoNiX said...

here we see someone desperately justifying something which is condemned universally with reasons which are so unobvious....
Grow out dude and stop looking from tinted glasses and the extent of justifying can go to any limit......

Patrix said...

Appreciate your opinion but what we are fighting against is legal and physcial threats against individuals who write contrary opinions about IIPM. This fight is basically a protection of freedom speech.

As we mentioned, we do not hold any grudge against the students who choose to enroll in IIPM.

Jagan Mohan said...

Your defense is misplaced.

How about defending IIPM's attempt to stifle free speech online?

If IIPM has a right to say something good about themselves in advertisements, why can't an individual have rights to critise or scrutinise them and air his opinions?

Jinal Shah said...

Your justifications are very simplistic. Please refrain from providing further explanations or justifications!

Niket said...

The JAM article tried to verify the authenticity of the claims made in the IIPM ads. Is that wrong? If JAM found IIPM not up to the standards they advertise, and call IIPM's bluff on that, the right thing to do is to respond with facts instead of resorting to underhand tactics. The qualifications of Arindam are important, because they go to the heart of credibility issue.

The point is that the students are being misled by IIPM's prevarications. If they choose to enroll in IIPM in spite of being aware of this, its their decision. And we respect their decision. But the aim of the JAM article and Gaurav Sabnis's blog posts were to provide more information (expose' if you will) about IIPM. They are not only justified in doing that, they are in fact performing the duty MSM is supposed to be performing.

thalassa_mikra said...

Here's a partial refutation:
1. Misleading ads are an issue of concern. Years ago, the slimming centre Body Wrap was shut down in India for its misleading ads.

2. Don't know about you, but there are many students who take rankings very seriously. And not all of them are doofuses

3. As far as I know, IIPM has only organized a few one-off guest lectures by foreign visiting faculty. I don't think the foreign faculty teach an actual course there. So the students should be complaining

4. Providing false information on placements is a cause for concern

And finally, you do need to earn your spurs before you get to call yourself a management guru. There is a vast and rigorously formulated body of knowledge in management that you should have some idea of before you even begin to call yourself an expert.

Nirav said...

Hey PK,
Would disagree with your views here. I was not concerned a wee bit about IIPM till they started playing dirty. I don't think I can think of defending in any way the recourse that IIPM have taken. Had they been confident of their credentials, they could just have put them up for everyone to see and shut all wagging mouths... and then they could have taken whatever 'legal' steps they may have wanted. However, what they did leaves a bad taste in the mouth, and its cost a guy his job as well

Vijay Krishna Narayanan said...

Your defence of IIPM actually takes a set of negative benchmarks. It's like saying, x and y are bad, so z need not be good.

If IIPM is right in issuing false ads, then what makes Rashmi wrong in running expose of the same? Or Gaurav supporting the same?

Transmogrifier said...

I don't care whether IIPMs claims are true or not either. They can claim all they want in any advertisements anywhere in the world.
The problems is when someone calls their bluff they launch a hideous personal assault. And they don't refute the facts! they simply attack the messenger.
No one cares what Arindam Chaudhuri's credentials are! There are so many like him in the world. What we care for is the freedom to express our thoughts without fear. The kind of attack IIPM has launched against Rashmi and Gaurav is not something you get in a free society.

Pradyot said...

I totally disagree with you on Advertisement bit. Maruti has a moral obligation not to say that Zen is a sports convertible with 6 gears! And if IIPM is printing fake claim it just goes to show they lack moral fiber. And even lack of it does not justify their means.
For God's sake stop being Devil's advocate just for the sake of being it... you need to have a justifiable counter-argument to play the role... which in this case are absent.
All in all... this fight is not about IIPMs... this fight is about Freedom of speech, which IIPM tried to take away from Rashmi and Gaurav like a bully.

anish said...

i personally think that all the IIPM jazz is a bunch of bullshit, Arindham Chaudhari even more so; but you make a good point dude.

Varna said...

I think it is important to realise that while every institution has right to defend itself it must do so without harassing counter-opinion and certainly without degarding counter-opinion. That is what this whole IIPM issue is about.

Nirav said...

PK, contrary to what you thought, I was never offended by your views. I just had a difference of opinion, and I respect your views as well. However, I guess that we are not aligned in our topic of discussion. You are probably talking about the broader issue of education in India and the need to have as many Indian institutes as possible, while all of us are talking about the fundamental right of freedom of speech, the lack of integrity in claims made by this institute and the absolutely unethical and cheap recourse taken by them to get even with someone who criticized them... agreed that the biggest losers are the students

goh said...

Hey man, i'm disapoint with your article, since when telling lies on media is correct? Just because it's happening doesnt make it right? I'm not from india and i doubt it's such in india.

Lie is lie and it's wrong, period!

IIPM shoud have dealt with it professionally and not resort to acting like a gangster! The more they try to be funny the more support the international community is going to give the victims!


Megamind said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Megamind said...

As Jinal Shah has said, your justifications are too simplistic and are laughable.

"Whatever is stated in full page advertisement of IIPM,you must take it with bucket of salt."

I can take an ad that comes with a pinch of salt. But, a bucket is too much. A small error can well be justified but when the whole stuff they say in ther ad is false...

"Is anyone bothered about these ranking except the institutes?"

FYI, rankings not only help you pick the best institutes to do your MBA but also have an impact on your pay package once you graduate. Check with anyone of your friends doing MBA.

"A building in Bandra-Kurla complex costs real money ... then such a campus is great thing ... this is in Mumbai. If they have A.C. classrooms with decent desks and P.A.system it is better than what we are used to. Even a decent Toilet is improvement on campuses ... Whats wrong with well organised small canteen? ... You want to do MBA or Architecture? ..."

LOL. These statements are so funny that they do not deserve any reply!

"The MBA/BBA degree conferred by IIPM is not recognised by AICTE/UGC or any state universities. Does it matter?"

Hey, where are you? In Alice's wonderland? Grow up. Talk to anyone who has completed a college degree to know the importance of these state acts.

sudhindra said...

PK - Very Interesting - you say you are not concerned about IIMP , yet you take the time to write "In defence of IIPM"
If you are not from IIMP or IIM, donot care about IIPM or IIM, not related to AC or his wife, find a different occupation - Stop whoring around on your blog.

I graduated from the IIM's and I know how much it riles me when some nimcompoop who passed out of his daddy's school with a Gold Medal calls himself a management Guru and instead of leaving it there, goes that extra mile to create such a perception through a media blitzkrieg.


Crazyfire said...

Many IIM students and even some professor from IIM has jumped into this controversy. I guess the IIM is feeling threatened by Arindam and IIPM. IIM is not used to any institute competition. There is no management guru from IIM similar to Arindam C repute. I guess these 2 issues are bothering some of the IIM fraternity.

Anyway I feel IIPM made a mistake by throwing a Stone in the Shit. Most of these bloggers are nerds who have no work and lot of time in hand. The most funny part is bloggers from abroad who have absolutely no idea about IIPM, who have not seen any of the advts, who don’t know Arindam, too are posting…hahahaha!! Yeah.. idiots.

There is absolutely no need for IIPM to give any justification to the claims of these silly bloggers. Let the blogger DOGS bark.

Crazyfire said...

I work in IT MNC. My colleague is IIPM Mumbai Post Graduate of 2003-05 batch. His take home in India is USD 110 per month!(for all u bolggers from USA/Europe/etc this is a very good take home in India!!) He is now working in Europe for the same company. There he draws USD 6000 per month.

I am not interested in proving this to any TOM, DICK or HARRY.
If any IIM students want to challenge this claim, please post your contact info and I will be glad to give you proof. I am especially interested in showing this to the IIM professor who has written about Arindam and IIMP.

Crazyfire said...

I work in IT MNC. My colleague is IIPM Mumbai Post Graduate of 2003-05 batch. His take home in India is USD 1100 per month!(for all u bolggers from USA/Europe/etc this is a very good take home in India!!) He is now working in Europe for the same company. There he draws USD 6000 per month.

I am not interested in proving this to any TOM, DICK or HARRY.
If any IIM students want to challenge this claim, please post your contact info and I will be glad to give you proof. I am especially interested in showing this to the IIM professor who has written about Arindam and IIMP.

Ravi said...


Taking the role of the Devil's Advocate is certainly valid. However , most of your arguments exhibit a variant of a common logical fallacy called "two wrongs make a right".

The form of this fallacy is.

1)A is wrong!
2) But B is also wrong!
3)Therefore A is right

Irrespective of whether (1) and (2) are factually correct, (3) does not follow.

Thus even if others post misleading advertisements (for e.g.) that is not sufficient to justify IIPM doing so.

If your advocacy steers clear of such elemntary fallacies, I am sure it will be a valuable contribution.

SUMIT said...

i think iipm people do get 100% but most of them are self placed as nobody can reamin free for the rest of his life further the ones recruited they r kept for 1 year as provisional employees so the institute has achieved 100% placement but can it be really called placement

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